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Phil Spector Net Worth, Death, Bio, Career Highlights, Relationship Status & More

Phil Spector was an American record producer and songwriter. He has been famous for his work and loved by people all over the globe. Phil has been a source of inspiration for many people and especially the youngsters look up to him. He has gained a huge net worth thanks to his long-lasting career. His death has shocked many and they have been pouring in their tributes. During the peak of his career, he earned a lot of money and his songs are still remembered. He has earned a lot of money in gaining some of the highest royalties too. Let’s payout tribute to this senior musician.

Bio and Death

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Phil was born on December 26th, 1939 and he died on January 16th, 2021. He died at the age of 81 years old. He was born and raised in New York while leading a simple life with his family. He was from a Jewish household and his parents were first cousins. His young life became difficult and shocking when his father committed suicide. Life became even more difficult as his mother was single and had to support the family working as a seamstress. During his childhood, he played guitar and learned music. As his interest in music increased he thought of it as a career option. According to the latest reports he died at the age of 81 because of COVID-19 due to a lot of complications.

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Phil started his career by building a band named ‘The Teddy Bears’. The band became very successful and he produced a lot of songs that worked well. He started taking some music lessons under Stan Ross. During the 60’s he focused more on producing songs rather than making them. He has worked with artists including Curtis Lee, the Crystals, and Connie Francis as they all were famous at that time. Later he signed a deal with A&M records and he achieved a lot of success while making many songs. He worked on many songs for the Beatles ‘let it be’ and nearly all the songs became a hit. He suffered from a car accident and suffered head injuries in a car crash. After that, he stopped interacting with people for some time.

Relationships and dating history

Phil got married to Annette Merar and she is also the lead singer of Spectors Three. If this isn’t enough he named his company after his wife. She was dealing with a lot of issues with the music. After his divorce, he got married to Veronica Bennett while they adopted three children. Ronnie was also in a relationship with Phil and she claimed that she was abused during the relationship.

The couple got divorced and he moved on to have a new girlfriend altogether. He started dating Janis Zavala and they have got two children together. He got married about three times and has got a lot of relationships too. His total net worth has been $50 million while his salary has also been on the high side. He has always lived a lavish lifestyle and has a big mansion too.

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