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Perfect 10 Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Perfect 10 is a wonderful film that has gained a lot of love and appreciation from people. Eva Riley has made this film in a realistic manner even though she has done her debut. It is about a young gymnast who wants to strike a balance between her professional and home life. The direction has been great and every scene has got every little detail. We are going to review the film and you can decide if you want to watch it or not.

What is the plot of Perfect 10?

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The story of Perfect 10 revolves around Brighten Lee who is a sad soul and always working hard to balance her life. She is trapped on the South coast and has no money what so ever to live her life with comfort. She has an almost invisible dad who is of no help and there is no hope for her future. After working really hard to gets a job at a gym and become a gymnastic teacher. The kids are not ready to accept her and they call her a charity case. The story has another interesting character Sharlene Whyte and she is also running out of patience as she is not able to deal with her daily routine. Her mother has gone and it is difficult to get her self confidence going.

Things take a new turn when her stepbrother makes an entry into the scene and convinces her to work as a night out petrol. Joy bike rides with other boys and finally falls in love with the head of Leigh. The relationship between them is a little confusing but you will love them. The film is honest and you will love the portrayal of all the characters. It feels closer to reality and there are some scenes which will make you very emotional. Riley’s portrayal of the movie and the script is very authentic and she has made the film on a good budget. The fragile teenage girls are in the middle of the crisis and they are trying to work hard and come out of it with a lot of effort. Teenagers can easily connect with the movie as it has a lot of things to offer.

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Who is in the cast of Perfect 10?

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The director of the film is Eva Riley and she has done a very good direction. The cast of the film is very good and they have played a role with much perfection. Here is the cast list below:

  • Frankie Box
  • Alfie Deegan
  • Sharlene Whyte

Perfect 10 Review

If you are interested in watching something different Perfect 10 is the film for you. The script is neatly written and things get intense with the introduction of an intense plot. The final of the film may not satisfy everyone as things for characters didn’t lead to perfection. It will seem that there is still a long way to go for everything to be perfectly good. The film is an interesting drama and is like an inspiration for people who want to improve their life and strive to have some betterment in life. The film is going to release on 7th August digitally and we hope that you will enjoy it too!

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