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Papa and Dad’s Home Cooking: Climax,Plot & Release Date

Nowadays Mangas have become the companions of people as they are long-running and keep everyone’s interest intact. When you are following the episodes for so long you get emotionally attached not only with the characters but the plot as well. Now that Papa and Dad’s home cooking is coming towards the climax people are feeling sad and there is a feeling of void which can’t be filled. The series has been loved by everyone and the critics are giving their great feedback and ratings too. It has got wonderful characters and the theme is quite catchy and heart touching. Let’s take a look at the fresh updates of the Manga series.

What is the plot of Papa and Dad’s Home cooking?

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The audiences are already feeling sad as their favorite Manga is coming to an end. The makers have assured fans that the ending of the series will be heart touching and will not have any loose ends or cliff hangers. The ending will be justified and you will be impressed with it all. The story of the series revolves around Sengoku Akira that happens to be a chiropractor and he doesn’t know anything when it comes to raising a child. He is suddenly entrusted with a duty of raising a girl named Airi and he tries to be the best father. His ex-girlfriend has given him the duty of raising their daughter and then begins the cute bonding of father and daughter. Sengoku takes help from his friend Harumi Masahiro who already has a son and he gives good fatherhood tips to Sengoku.

He starts learning to cook so her daughter can taste the yummy food. The series highlights the issues of a single parent very well and the importance of tasty food is also given a lot of detail. The series is a spinoff of Papa to Oyaji no Uchi Nomi and they have already released two complete volumes as of now. The story is so heart touching and it will connect with the audience very fast. It has got one of the most well-written characters and you will fall in love with the bonding of father and daughter. The lead character is a gem and he deals with every situation of fatherhood very well. Most of the fans are sad as their favorite Manga is coming to an end and there is a hope that proper ending will be given to every character and plot in general.

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What is the release date of Papa and Dad’s home cooking?

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Papa and Dad’s home cooking will be releasing in the next few months and you all will witness a great climax. The official release date is October 9th and you can catch up with all the latest updates on the official website of the Manga. It is going to be published in Shinchosha’s Monthly Comic at the Bunch Magazine and though the Manga is in the Japanese language you can get all the episodes in the English version as well. The overall series is very cute and if you haven’t tried watching the Manga we recommend it fully. The final chapter is concluding well and we all have a lot of expectations from it. Thanks to the makers for coming up with such a heart touching never seen before storyline.

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