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Palm Springs: Cast, Plot, Release Date and All Other Updates

Palm Springs is an American romantic comedy. The science-fiction film has been released on Hulu and is creating a lot of buzzes. The film has received positive reviews from the fans and has also received critical acclaim from the critics. Hulu movies are getting popular with the audience as they are unique and have different concepts. If you are a fan of Hulu movies and dramas then Palm Springs is a must-try for you guys. We are here to update you with all the details of Palm Springs. Read the post to know full details as we have gathered all the important information for you.

What is the critical response to Palm Springs?

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The film has received some great reviews and ratings on online review platforms. On rotten tomatoes Palm Springs has received an approval rating is 84 percent. These ratings are based on the 88 reviews that the film has received on Rotten tomatoes. The fans have reviewed the movie as a good watch and have praised the performances of the actors.

The Palm Spring is also being loved due to its original concept. Many movies and TV shows are adaptations of some novels or webtoon and Palm Springs has an original concept. Indiewire has given the movie a B plus. The critics have reviewed the romantic comedy as fast-paced and you wouldn’t feel bored for a single moment during the 90-minute movie.

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Who is in the cast of Palm Springs?

The cast of Palm Springs includes:

What is the plot of Palm Springs?

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Palm Springs has a unique and intriguing plot. The film revolves around the characters of two guests who have come to attend a wedding. They are stuck in a time loop and are not able to move on with life. They experience going back to the same day again and again. The two people start to develop feelings for each other as they are brought together constantly. The romantic comedy is a science fiction and has many comic elements that will keep you entertained during the 90-minute run. The couple has sizzling chemistry and if you are looking to watch some intense and romantic scenes then Palm Springs is a must-watch for you.

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What is the release date of Palm Springs and where can you stream it?

Palm Springs has already been released on 26 January 2020. The film was released on Hulu and you can catch the episodes of high quality on Hulu. The movie is also available in scattered parts on YouTube but we would suggest you stream it on the official platform as it is available in the best quality on the platform. If you want to catch the film on Hulu then you will have to subscribe to Hulu. Subscribing to Hulu would give you the opportunity to get entertained with a wide range of films and shows.

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