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Revamp your kitchen cabinets with a professional touch

Giving a new look to your kitchen cabinet requires lots of patience, and you need to come in prepared that it will bring in lots of chaos for several days before things come back to shape better than ever. It’s always better to turn to professional help, to save you tons of hassle.

Below are a few painting tips that can help you get the perfect kitchen cabinet look you have desired for a long time!

Select the paint best for your cabinet

Cabinet paints are different from regular wall paint, as regular paint contains a specific formula not suitable for cabinets. However, some enamel tends to last longer because the procedure leaves a smoother and shinier finish. Further, common choices are likely to chip and sustain repeated cleaning. Cabinet paints may be on the more expensive side. You can always ask an expert to guide you through the process for the best results.

The best color that compliments your appliances

Keep in mind that appliances may stand out compared to your cabinets if both are in contrasting colors. You need to make sure that your cabinetry compliments your appliances and vice-versa. Thus, ensure a color that is both flattering and goes well with your devices. For example, if you have black appliances, then your oak cabinetry may look out of place. Cabinetry that is more on the darker, brownish side can help keep your appliances stay hidden like magic!

Organize hardware carefully

Before you begin revamping your cabinetry or take the help of an expert, make sure that the hardware is unhinged, even the tiniest of the screws need to get removed to start on a fresh slate. Once that is over, the hardware can likely get mixed up, making the organization more challenging than expected. What you can do is label the doors with a number, and the same number goes on the bag of hinges of that particular door.

Keep tack cloths available

Keeping the surface clean is as crucial as sanding it. You need to clean the dust and remove the debris that may appear once you have smoothed the surface. A tack cloth will help lift the dust, along with containing it as well. However, make sure you carry this part while wearing proper rubber gloves, as the cloth is sticky.

Stick to oil primers

Always remember, experts, know best. Please consult a professional or get them on board before jumping in with primers. Using oil-based primers is better than water-based ones as the hardwood does not discolor painted cabinets in the long run. Water-based primers can also give a yellowish tint to the paint in cases of knotty wood. At the same time, the oil primers stick the color well to the surface.

Opt for tinted primers

If you have selected a dark color for your cabinetry, make sure you use tinted primers. After one coat of your primer, you can get the leftover primer tinted to a shade similar to the paint’s actual color. Doing so can save you from multiple primer coats to adjust to the primary color, as well as save you from buying another primer gallon. For more details on revamping your kitchen cabinetry, you can go here.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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