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Outlander season 6 Release Date, Plot, Cast& All You Need To Know

Outlander is an American series and all the seasons it has released so far have been a great success. The makers have announced season six and fans are extremely happy to know this. The series will be releasing on Starz as well as Amazon Prime. The shooting of the new season has not yet begun but it will be starting very soon. We will discuss all the important news we have about Outlander so far.

Who is in the cast of Outlander season 6?

Fans are extremely happy to know that all the major casts from the previous seasons will be making a comeback. The viewers will get to see their favorite character Jamie played by heartthrob Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe will be playing the wife of Jamie. All of them have done a superb job and the scenes they have been given are wonderful too. They have done such a good job that it is hard for people to see anyone else in their roles. Some of the other major cast members that have been finalized for the new season are:

  • Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randall Fraser
  • Richard Rankin as Roger Wakefield

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What will happen in Outlander season 6?

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Although no official plot details have been released so far according to some sources it will follow the storyline of the sixth book of Diana Gabaldon. It means that show is going to be based on the storyline of a breath of snow and ashes. The novel and its story are going to be more intense now as Jamie is more inclined towards the American Revolution. At the same time, Frasers want to have a peaceful life leaving the political issues on one side. According to the makers of the series, they always have a new approach towards the storyline. Ronald Moore spoke to Entertainment Weekly and said that the scriptwriter is going to write the story with many more twists.

They will be defining how the new world has changed and people have come out of the American Revolution period. The story is going to have a lot more twists as it will soon reach the climax. If the success continues we may get many more seasons. Many people are interested to know how will the story end but according to the books, the story did have a happy ending. The final season will also answer the one question fans have been finding an answer for. Claire and James may die in the middle of the story though however, nothing is final.

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When will the new season of Outlander release?

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The exact release date of Outlander has not been released yet however there are rumors that it may arrive by the end of this year. If it gets a little late then 2021 will be the releasing year of Outlander. Even the leaders of the series said that the same thing that although there is no official date set as yet he hopes it will happen by next year at least. Coronavirus outbreak has delayed the release and shooting of every big production. There are plans that the shooting of Outlander 6 will be starting in a month or so. We will most probably be getting a new trailer once the shooting is in the middle.

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