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Orangetheory Fitness Rolling Out New Technology Apple Watch Support In Early 2020

Orangetheory fitness has a loyal following of fitness freak that is dedicated and passionate about following the hour long HIIT cardio and strength training workouts. Orangetheory fitness has its own innovative technologies to track heart rate and other movements during workouts the company stated that they often get requests from the customers that they would like it if they could use their apple watches to sync with their workout sessions. Apple has finally paid attention to the request and a new technology apple watch that would make it easier to share heart rate data with Orangetheory fitness machines would be coming out soon in 2020 for the all the gym lovers.

The OTbeat Link

The OTbeat link is a device which has a custom design and working and would help the users to connect the device to the apple watch band. The device would make it possible for the users to sync the apple watch automatically to the Orangetheory fitness machines that monitor heart rate. There were a lot of incoming requests by the members to be able to use the apple watch during the workout session. The members will now get the opportunity to see the matrix in real time during the class because of the Apple watch. The activity app will also help the users to view their workout activities after the session is over.

The Apple watch integration

Apple watches are used all over the world and they are designed to make people have a better and active life. The Apple Pay technology that will help to track workout sessions comes an all-new membership program. The thrilling and useful integration of Apple watch and Orangetheory fitness will result in its users giving a comprehensive experience.

The Apple watch and Orangetheory fitness integration details

The heart rate tracking systems in the oragantheory fitness in-studio depended on other heart rate tracking monitors that used the member’s own heart rate to track the intensity of the workout. It is possible to track a workout session with an apple watch as well but the data calculated on the watch wasn’t shared with the system of Orangetheory.

Orangetheory’s upcoming device

The technology called GymKit launched by Apple has the ability to track the movements of machines like treadmills and stationary bike ride and share the workout metrics with Apple watches. The system is good and the results are secure and sophisticated but GymKit device can only be used in selected fitness clubs. Orangetheory fitness tracking and heart tracking device would benefit the users and give them the option to do a lot more with the fitness trackers when they are working out.

When is it going to launch?

All fitness freak and workout lovers would be excited to find out that a new technology that would help them be more organized is expected to come out soon. Working out is an integral part of our life and the benefits of workout are innumerable. If new devices built with innovative technologies come out in the market the members of fitness clubs get any happier. The integration of two big names like Apple and Orangetheory fitness has made all the regular gym freaks all excited.

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We are sure you all want to know when the wonderful device will come out for purchase in the market. Orangetheory Fitness has announced that the Apple watch support device will be rolled out in the Orangetheory fitness clubs in the first quarter of 2020. Now the members wouldn’t need armbands or chest straps to track their heart rate during their workouts.

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Teodora Torrendo
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