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Olivia Harrison Net Worth, Career Highlights, Achievements, Bio, Age, Relationships & More

Olivia Harrison is a popular British -Mexican author, actor, and film producer. Most people recognize her for being the wife of late Beatles member George Harrison. She has worked in some prominent movies and produced some of the best movies to date. Most of the TV shows and films she has done have a unique script and it is evident in her production too. She has worked for A&M records and has helped George while running his record label, Dark Horse.

Many people didn’t know that she even produced the documentary concert for George. If this isn’t enough she also co-produced George Harrison: Living in the Material World. All these successful ventures made her won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special.

Early Life and Bio

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Olivia Harrison was born on 18th May 1948 in Los Angeles, California. His parents are Mary Louise Arias, and Zeke Arias. You will be surprised to know that his mother was a seamstress while his father was a dry cleaner. She has got two siblings named Peter and Louise and as a child was a bright student. Olivia got the chance to attend Hawthorne High School and completed her degree in Arts. Olivia is 72 years old currently and her height is 1.65m.

Personal Life and Relationships

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Olivia met George Harrison who is the lead vocalist of the Beatles in 1974. They got married and welcomed a son the very next month. The couple was attacked at their Friar Park mansion and the surprising thing is that he stabbed George many times. Olivia tried to attack him with a lamp and he was caught by the police. When they asked him he said that he believes Beatles are witches and he is sent by God. As he was attacked one part of the lung was damaged and his lung cancer came back. It resulted in his death and Olivia was by his side when he died. The news was covered by many portals and made headlines for the same.

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Olivia began her career in 1972 as she started working for the A&M record. She handled all the marketing strategies and acted as a distributor. Many people may not know that she is the founder of Romanian Angel Appeal where a lot of poor and needy are helped. Even after her husband’s death, she took care of the finances for the band. She has produced both cоnсеrt for Gеоrgе tribute and the dосumеntаrу film cоnсеrt for Gеоrgе. Due to good social work, she became the brand ambassador of UNICEF and produced the UNICEF Kid Power program.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Olivia happens to be $300 million. She is a successful actor, film producer, and author that helped her earn name and fame. Olivia is known as one of the richest celebrities and likes to lead a lavish and luxurious lifestyle. She has got a lot of achievements and awards in her career making her way to the top. The mansion where she lives is massive and spread on a large area.

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