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Daylight savings fall 2019 and when do we turn the clocks back

The November’s First Sunday will be the time when the USA will turn their clocks back to the original time. The people in the USA will turn back their clocks to standard time on Saturday night before sleeping. The original time return would make the sunrise earlier for you so if you are a morning person you can enjoy the pleasant sun rays shining through the windows of your house.

What is Daylight Saving Time?

The Daylight saving time is a strategy to move the time of the clocks 1 hour further during summertime and move them back to standard time in the fall season. The reason behind carrying out this strategy is that it helps us to avail of the natural sunlight for a longer time.

Daylight Saving Time in 2019

  • Sunday, March 10th, 2019 2 AM beginning time
  • Sunday, November 3rd, 2019 2 AM Ending time

Do other Countries Follow the Route of Daylight saving strategy?

More than 40 countries in the world observe Daylight Saving Time. Almost all Canada except a few remote areas in the country observe the Daylight Saving Time.  The countries that are close to the equator stick to the original time.

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 Is Daylight Saving Time Dangerous

When we forward 1 hour on our clocks we lose an hour of our precious sleep time. The whole country goes into a jet lag of sleep because of the changes made in the clocks. Although this seems like a small problem since our body is fragile the loss of sleep can cause harm to out body. The whole routine gets messed up and the panic attacks that we get to manage everything and adjusting with the new time create a lot of problems.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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