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Novak Djokovic Net Worth, Career Earnings, Net Worth, Relationships & Other Details

Novak is a Serbian professional tennis player and he has got a lot of name and fame due to his career. He has emerged as one of the most prominent tennis players of his time. His career is also full of impressive victories and records. In 2016 he became the one and only player to hold four different titles and different surfaces. All his fans love to support him and they will be happy to know that he is the only player to win nine masters 1000 tournaments.

Over many years he has become a top-ranked player by ATP. He has played many on many occasions and won it all making his fans proud. It has been observed that his rivalry with Rafael Nadal has been coming. They both are working hard to win the top spot in the tennis tournaments. Here is all you need to know:

Bio and Early Life

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Novak was born on May 22nd, 1987 in Serbia. He was raised well along with two brothers and started playing tennis at the age of four. When he was only six years old his talent was evident and he caught the eye of Jelena Genčić. He trained Novak for about six years and he moved to Germany to get intense training under Nikola Pilić. The way Nikola taught him he got polished and became ready to start a professional tennis career.

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Professional Tennis career

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Novak turned into a professional in 2003 and he made his Grand Slam appearance in 2005. He qualified for the Australian Open and started performing at Wimbledon and the US Open. You will be surprised to know that he performed at Wimbledon and reached the top of 40 world ranking. He also won the first ATP title and at the Dutch open which further got him victory at Moselle Open.

His career has seen a steady increase and moved on to take a spot in the top 20. His fans will not be surprised to see that he has made many records and won many championships during his career. After getting a win at different seasons, he finished 2012 by beating Nadal at the ATP World Tour Finals. Once again, he keeps finishing his career records at the top and is only 33 years old.

Playing style and Net Worth

Novak has become one of the top players and is known for having a unique style. He is one of the most complete players and there are no weak points in his game. The biggest ability of him is to return serves and he aced it efficiently. He has maintained an impressive ability on the court and that has helped him reach many goals. If we talk about his estimated net worth is $220 million.

Personal Life and Relationships

Novak got married to his high school love Jelena Ristić. The couple got married in 2014 and they got their first child together. They had another child in 2017 and he is good friends with Ana Ivanovic. He is a tennis player; athlete and actor that helped him earn this big amount. His yearly salary has also been high while his career has been growing by leaps and bounds.

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