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National Prescription Drug Take Back Day 2019

The Drug Enforcement Administration of USA arranges an event for National Prescription Drug Take back day 2 times a year. The camps are situated in different areas of the local cities where the process of disposal of unused drugs is carried out.

Drug Abuse and Health Dangers in the USA

The opioid drug is heavily consumed in the USA currently. The government of the USA is worried about public health in the country which is at risk because of the common drug use in the country. The purpose of this National Prescription Drug take back day is to convince people to dispose of the unwanted or expired drugs in their possession so that illegal abuse or overdose of drugs doesn’t take place. The “Take Back” mission is to eliminate the overuse of drugs.

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Items that are not accepted at the Take back event

There are a few items that are not accepted by the event holders. They are as follows:

  • Needles or other similar accessories
  • Inhalers of Asthma
  • Thermometers
  • Medicines which consist of Iodine
  • Illegal drugs

What to do if you don’t have a take back event nearby

If you don’t have a take back event in your neighborhood or at a nearby place flushing out the leftover drugs is a good idea. The drugs can be dangerous and can even be fatal so disposing of them off while flushing is the best thing to do.

If DEA drug collection event is not available nearby you can take the following steps to dispose the drugs

  • Mix up the drug with a substance like mud, dirt, etc
  • Crush the medicine and put it in a jar so that it doesn’t spread in the garbage
  • Throw the jar in the trash

Why should you be cautious about safe disposal of medicines?

It is accurate to say that the medicines prescribed by doctors play an important role in keeping up good health. Without medicines, there is no survival for humanity. It is important to understand that the leftover medicines which are kept in your cabinets for years altogether can be pretty harmful for your wellbeing. We often have toddlers, teens, and pets at home.

You never know when they accidentally consume these medications. The safest way is to throw out all the old medicines and keep your family safe. The expired medicines are lethal and even a small amount can take your life. One more important thing is that do not take any medicine without proper consultation from a doctor. According to a report in 2018, many children and babies were hospitalized because of the negligence of their parents. In America many people every year die because of taking narcotics. Illegal use of drugs is highly unacceptable.

What will happen to your medicine if you dispose of it at prescription take back day?

On prescription take back day people come up with the medicines which are no longer to be used by them. The method used here is to burn all the unusable and non-retrievable medicines.

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Can flushing down the medicines in your toilet be a threat for the safety of the environment?

FDA and EPA are two authorities which take care of the environmental issues. According to their reports, it has been stated that disposing of medicines in your toilet does not give any potential threat to the environment. However, being cautious is always a good idea. The medicines are usually flushed out from you by urine or feces and go on to being a part of the surface of water. There have been strict measures in the USA against the use of Opioid Epidemic which is prescribed for chronic pains. It is unsafe for health and should not be used by any individual.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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