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How To Check The NADRA ID Card Status?

NADRA ID card is an essential card for every citizen living in Pakistan. If you are 18 years old then you must get an ID card issued by NADRA.  NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is the official organization in PAKISTAN that offers services of providing the national identity card to all the citizens in Pakistan. Your ID card needs to be renewed after every 10 years or so and this is why checking the status of the validity of your ID card is a must. If you want to avail of the services in Pakistan then your ID card must be valid. In this post, we will be telling you about the details on how to check the NADRA ID card status online.

What is NADRA ID card status?

NADRA has started an online and SMS-based service that helps all the residents of Pakistan to check the status of their identity documents. You can now check the status of your ID card online without any hassle as NADRA is offering these services for the convenience of the citizens of Pakistan. You can now check the status of your identity documents online. With these services, the users can easily track the status of applications and documents of their identity and personal information. You can check details like CNIC, Family registration certificate (FRC), Child registration Certificate (CRC), and other personal details.

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How to Check CNIC Status using the SMS service


NADRA has introduced the SMS-based service for checking your personal documents and details. This facilitates the citizens of Pakistan to get all the information while sitting at their homes. You need to follow the instructions below to complete the procedure.

  • Open your mobile messages app.
  • Enter the tracking ID and send the ID number to 8400.
  • The user will get a message from NADRA that will provide the user with all the details regarding the status of your CNIC application.

 How to Check the NADRA ID card Status Online

If you want to track your personal documents and details online then you can use the services of NADRA online. This method is easy and simple and you just need to have an internet connection to use this method. For this method, you just have to set up an account on the NADRA official portal. If you have already registered with NADRA online and you have a running account then you don’t have to register again.  If you already have an account on NADRA then you need to follow the steps below to complete the procedure.

  • Go to the Pak Identity portal.
  • Enter your account details login.
  • Enter your Form No. / Receipt No. / CNIC number.
  • Select the card type that you have. You will be provided with the following two-card options (NICOP or POC)
  • Move on to the next step, enter the captcha code that appears on the page.
  • Click on “check status” and get the latest update about the application of your NADRA issued ID card.
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