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Dennis Rodman Net Worth, Kids, Height, Lifestyle And Hair

Dennis Rodman is an American basketball player and he has won 5 NBA titles in his career as a professional basketball player. He is retired now but he is an idol to many aspiring basketball players. His nickname was The worm when he played basketball for the NBA. He holds an American nationality and is an African American.

Early Life

Dennis was born on 13th May 1961 in Colorado. His father worked in the American air force and left him and his mother and moved to the Philippines forever. His mother worked really hard and went through hardships to bring him up and his 2 sisters. The family suffered financially and couldn’t even manage to buy proper meals. His mother worked overtime and had to do multiple part-time jobs to meet the expenses.

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Dennis was always interested in playing basketball and played for his school’s team during his school time. He was rejected to get hired by a county team because he was 5 feet 11 inches tall which is not considered a sufficient height for a basketball player. When puberty hit him he grew into a tall man of 6 feet 7 inches and then there was no stopping him. His sisters were also good at playing basketball and he was considered an average player. He overcame all the obstacles and managed to become one of the biggest players in the history of the NBA.

Dennis Rodman Net worth

Dennis Rodman’s net worth is estimated to be 600 k dollars. The hard work that he has done and the time he has invested in the basketball game has resulted in this whopping amount of net worth that he has now. He is also an actor and a political spokesperson. He isn’t one of the greatest actors around but a considerable amount of his income comes from his acting and political career as well. As he is active in his acting and political career it seems like the rise in his net worth will keep going stronger.

Dennis Rodman Girlfriends

Michelle Moyer

Dennis got married to the famous actress Michelle Moyer and the marriage lasted for 9 long years. The couple was very much in love and got along really well. They were inseparable during the time they were together. The reason for their breakup is said to be cheating. It was rumored that Dennis was cheating on Michelle with some other woman. The cheating accusation turned out to be true and became the reason for their breakup.

Alicia Douvall

The actress and businesswoman from the UK were linked to the basketball player for a short while. They were also rumored to be engaged. The relationship ended because Dennis still had lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend.

Dennis Rodman Kids

Dennis has 3 kids. He has 2 daughters and a son who is really close to him. The kids don’t have the same mother and were born to different women. Dennis has broken up with all those women but he still is a very good father to his children. It is rumored that he provides them with child support every month and is a very affectionate father.

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Dennis Rodman Hair

Dennis always finds new ways to surprise his fans. His hairstyles are popular for being weird and unique in their own way. He has tried various hairstyles during his career and was always spotted with different hair color and styles. He goes of a variety of colors and his hair are tattooed with different signs and symbols. He has also gone for a multi-colored hair look. His weird hairstyle always makes him stand apart from the others.

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