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Must Watch Romance Anime on Hulu

If you have fallen in love then you must know the beautiful feeling that takes you into another world. Love is beautiful but it doesn’t mean that only good things come with love. Love can also take you to the darkest days of your life and can also fill your heart with joy. We are going to list down some of the best romance anime series that you can stream on Hulu and get an overdose of love with the lovey-dovey anime characters.

Plastic Memories

plastic memories

Plastic Memories is about a boy who fails his college entrance exam. After pulling some strings he gets a job at SAI corp a company that manufactures robots. Human-like robots have a life span of 9 years and they cannot survive more than that. The boy falls in love with the female robot and finds it hard to cope up with her short life span.

Snow White with Red Hair

snow white with red hair

Snow White with Red Hair is a story about a girl who works at a herbal store. The meaning of her name is Snow-white but she has red hair. The girl wants to become someone influential but doesn’t want evil to affect her. A prince falls for her and offers her to become his mistress. She doesn’t want to live a pitiful life and wants to run away from the clutches of the Prince. Luckily she is rescued by another Prince. To repay his kindness she plans to become the herbalist of his court.

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Maid Sama

maid sama

The Maid Sama is a story about a girl who is the leader of the female council at a high school. She has an upright and disciplined nature and has a strong personality. There is a boy at the school who falls for her but she does not give him any importance. One day the boy discovers a secret about her. She works as a part-time employee and the boy threatens the girl that he will spill out her secret to everyone at school. He uses this secret to get close to her.

My Love Story

my love story

My Love Story is one of the best love stories that you will ever witness. It is a story about a boy who falls in love with a girl instantly after saving her from an accident. He is head over heels over the girl but he has a misunderstanding that the girl might have an interest in his best friend. He tries to become the middleman but his love for her continues to bloom in his heart.

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Clannad is a sweet love story that revolves around a girl and a boy who discovers each other’s weakness and become close. They fall in love slowly and steadily and help each other to achieve their dreams. Tomoyo likes to skip school and goes out to have fun with his friends. He notices Nigisa on the street and watches him interestingly as she keeps talking to herself to motivate her. She wants to revive the drama club and also doesn’t have good health. She has been held back a year due to her illness and wants to do well in her academic career as well.

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