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Mind Hunter Season 3 Release Date, News, Cast And Review

When the season 2 of Mind Hunter hit the Netflix fans went crazy and finished off the 9 episodes at a lightning speed. Now all they can do is watch the reruns or wait for the next season. But is the next season even coming? The answer is still doubtful because Netflix hasn’t given any official statement about it as yet. The show which is produced by David Fincher is expected to make a comeback with its season 3. This thrilling show is one of the best Netflix originals and has received many positive reviews from the critics and fans all over the world. A potential third season should be in the making considering the praise that the series has received.

Mind Hunter Season 3 The Cast

The shows three leading men Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv are expected to return in season 3 as well because the show can’t go on without them. They are the protagonists of the show and they take the story forward so there is no point of them not returning with season 3. It is a nightmare to imagine the show without their dynamic acting and performances. We can also expect some other characters from season 2 making a comeback like Stacey Roca as Bill’s, Joe Tuttle, Michael Cerveris, and Sonny Valicenti.

They played a major part in the show so there is a bright chance of them returning as well. Their story in the show has the potential to be taken forward in season 3 of the critically acclaimed series. Netflix has not announced the official cast of the show as yet but we hope that they do It soon because the fans can’t seem to wait anymore for the show. The expected cast mentioned above will most probably make their return with the show and the absence of any of them could be because of their denial to continue with the show. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to not cast them in season 3.

Mind Hunter Season 3 Review

The first season of the show had a backdrop of 1970’s and the second season represented 1980’s so the 3rd season would possibly be set in the mid 1980’s. The new season is expected to have more screen space for serial murderers. BTK killer is going to show up the most in the season because the second season hinted us of possible exploration of his story in the next season.

The show is most likely to portray the story of real criminals because the makers of the series have been interviewing real serial killers recently and it seems as if they are getting to know them more to know more about the criminal psychology. The show is also expected to explore the life of Bill’s son Brian who was introduced in season 2 and was involved in a murder case. The stage for the season 3 has been set and we are waiting for the official confirmation by Netflix and the makers of the show.

Mind Hunter Season 3 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t given a positive signal about the 3rd season so the release date is still a question mark. The show has received positive reviews and the ratings for the show are not known because Netflix doesn’t release real numbers of their shows. But since the director of the show revealed that the season 2 did well and the positive reviews that it has got it seems like the show will get a green signal for a 3rd season soon. As there is no official confirmation on the show we can only speculate about the release date.

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The first and second season had a gap of 2 years between them. The season 2 was released in August 2019 so the release of the show in early 2020 seems unlikely. David Fincher is also working on another show with Netflix so a possible return of the show with season 3 is most probably expected in late 2020 or maybe 2021.

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