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Microsoft E-Commerce Platform

Almost all online businesses are set up using e-commerce platforms. There are plenty of e-commerce solutions on the market. Some of the solutions are premium, meaning that customers need to pay a periodic fee to use the platform. On the other hand, open-source e-commerce solutions are available for free.

Looking for the right e-commerce platform can be pretty challenging. In this guide, we review the Microsoft e-commerce platform and look at its key features.

Features of the Microsoft E-Commerce Platform

Virto Commerce is a Microsoft e-commerce platform built on the .NET core framework. It is an open-source solution that supports third-party API integration. The platform is also a headless solution, meaning that the frontend and backend are decoupled. Open-source architecture allows many developers to work on a project, meaning that new features and updates are implemented frequently.

A good Microsoft e-commerce platform leverages the advantages of cloud support. Native cloud support means that you do not have to invest in physical data centers. Cloud storage services are cheaper and more mobile compared to physical data centers. Most Microsoft e-commerce solutions are shipped with Azure support.

Headless e-commerce solutions are now the latest trend due to the numerous benefits over conventional e-commerce platforms. Microsoft’s e-commerce platform is headless, meaning the front and backend are separate. The backend features the database, APIs, and frameworks designed to store, process, and push data to the frontend. Headless e-commerce solutions also deliver excellent customer experience.

The TCO,  or total cost of ownership, is very low compared to other e-commerce solutions. The Microsoft e-commerce solution is shipped with an inbuilt cloud and microservice features to make upgrades cheap. As an entrepreneur, you will save more when setting up your online business.

Factors to Consider When Getting an E-Commerce Solution

Shifting your business online can be pretty challenging. Other than the cost of purchasing the platform, it would help if you figured out things such as deployment and hiring a team of developers. If you’re planning to move your business to the digital space, here are some things you need to consider when getting an e-commerce solution.

The first thing you should consider is scalability. A good e-commerce solution should accommodate business growth and should have support for services designed to make business flow very smoothly. In most cases, premium e-commerce solutions are pretty limited in scalability, meaning that you will have to pay for extra features.

Customer support is also vital. Go for e-commerce solutions that have an efficient customer support team. This means that you can get assistance as quickly as possible anytime you have an issue with the platform.

A good e-commerce solution should also allow third-party API integrations. The Microsoft e-commerce platform, for example, will enable developers to incorporate other APIS to the platform to make business processes faster and smoother.

Bottom Line

Investing in a good e-commerce platform can help you reach a wider customer audience. In addition, you can set up multiple streams of income on one platform. The Microsoft e-commerce platform offers an all-in-one solution where entrepreneurs can create B2B or B2C business channels on one platform.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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