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Matt Lauer Net Worth, Age, Bio & More

Matt Lauer is an American former news anchor and TV host. He has been hosting many TV shows for a long time now. People mostly know him because he has been a host for today’s show on NBC. The show ran for many long years from 1997-2017 and gave him a lot of love and recognition. However, fans were not happy to hear the news when he stepped out of the show due to the charges of sexual harassment. He was a peak of his career but his divorce and sexual harassment news came as shocking news for everyone. Let’s get to know more about Matt Lauer.

Early Life and Beginning of career

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Matt was born in New York on 30th December 1957. He was brought up very well by his parents. His mother Marilyn Lauer was working at a boutique while his father Jay Robert Lauer was an executive at the bicycle shop. During his Ohio university days, he quit studies because he wanted to pursue his work as a TV host. He was lucky to move on the right career path and in 1980 he started working as an on-air reporter from 6 pm to 11 pm. While his news anchor spot was getting to perfection, he thought about completing his graduation at the age of 39. Today the show became an important part of his career and since then there is no looking back. His height is five feet and ten inches and known to be an impressive man.

Personal Life, Wife, and Kids

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Matt got married and divorced many times. His first marriage lasted for a few years and it was with a producer named Nancy Alspaugh. He dated another announcer Kristen Gesswein but later decided to marry someone else. Apart from all these ladies he also dated and even got married to Annette “Jade” Roque who was a model. She has done many popular advertisements. They are blessed with three children together but the relationship also ended up in divorce. Once the sexual harassment news came out the divorce preparations were going on in full swing.

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Real Estate and Net Worth

Matt has been living in both South Hampton and New York City. He has two apartments that are worth millions of dollars. Both the mansions are very huge and the bedrooms are very visually appealing. The décor of the mansions is also worth millions and recently he sold one of the apartments as he now prefers to live in New York. The total net worth of Matt is around $80 million while his annual salary happens to be $28 million.

Sexual Assault allegations

In 2017 NBC announced that they are terminating the contract between him and the channel. An unidentified female gave a report to the media that Matt sexually harassed her in 2014 during the Winter Olympics. She further clarified that when they were coming back from Russia to New York this incident happened with her. It came as a shock for many as Matt has been doing this news show for many years. After this news came out the channel was not in a mood to let go of this and fired him.

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