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Everything you need to know about the Super Bowl 2023

The 2023 edition of the Super Bowl is about to land. The game offers teams the chance to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy and to claim the biggest prize in American football.

The Super Bowl is the final game of a long NFL season. It’s been contested since the National League merged with the American League in 1967 and this year’s match promises to be one of the best on record.

Teams in Contention

The 2023 Super Bowl will be played on February 12th at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona. The game features the champions of the AFC against the winners of the NFC, so we are guaranteed to see the best two teams from across the season.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs will go head-to-head against the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams enjoyed an impressive regular season, before progressing to the playoffs where two more games stood between them and the Super Bowl.

The Verdict

Both teams appear strong, but the independent verdict suggests that the Chiefs will come through to win the game. Current betting markets show that Kansas City are the clear favorites in most super bowl 2023 predictions while Nick Sirianni’s men are down as the underdogs.

There is mixed opinion among the media as to whether the sportsbooks have made the right calls. Before the season started, the Chiefs started as favorites to win the Super Bowl, along with the Buffalo Bills.

There has been support for Kansas City all the way, while the Philadelphia Eagles have come through from the chasing pack. The Eagles have, however, been impressive throughout the regular season, finishing with a 14-3 record in their division.

Philadelphia have also enjoyed better results in the playoffs. Coach Sirianni’s team won their postseason matches by comfortable margins, while the Chiefs were pushed close in both of their games.

There is a lot of attention on the Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts and many feel that he holds the key to this game. The 24-year-old has returned some exceptional stats in 2022 and he will be targeting the MVP award in the final game.

Keeping you Entertained

There is so much more to the Super Bowl than the action on the pitch. Don’t switch off at the end of the second quarter as the Super Bowl halftime show is just as important for those who are involved.

Since this spectacular was introduced, we have seen some incredible acts and, in 2023, the Super Bowl halftime show will feature a true megastar. Rihanna makes a comeback in Glendale and her appearance has sparked huge interest among NFL and music fans alike.

She’s an undoubted highlight but the halftime entertainment extends beyond the exceptional Rihanna. The list of additional artists that have been booked for the event includes Sheryl Lee Ralph and Babyface.

Host Venue

The State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona is the host venue for the 2023 Super Bowl. During a regular NFL season, it is home to the Arizona Cardinals, so there is a host of football to enjoy here.

The stadium ticks all the boxes that are needed for anyone looking to host future Super Bowl matches. Firstly, it has the large capacity needed to cope with major sporting occasions and State Farm can accommodate up to 72,200 spectators.

It is a multi-purpose facility which means that additional sports, along with other forms of entertainment such as concerts will take place here. Any venue with such an extensive roster needs to back things up with solid infrastructure.

Included in the State Farm Stadium complex are plenty of bars and restaurants that can cater for the many thousands of spectators that will descend on the ground. It’s a spectacular location and a worthy host of Super Bowl LVII.

Don’t Miss Out

The 57th Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday February 12th. Within the United States, the start time is 4.30pm. The broadcast will be fed into more than one hundred countries all over the world, and anyone wishing to tune in will need to do some calculations based on their own time zone.

The battle for TV rights to the Super Bowl is a fierce one and all of the big hitters are involved. Fortunately, the event has largely escaped the clutches of Pay Per View and the game is widely available as part of a regular subscription.

In the US, Fox TV are the host broadcaster. Subsidiaries in other countries will pick up the feed and they will include Sky Sports in the UK.

Nobody knows what to expect from the 2023 Super Bowl. The teams appear to be evenly matched and that may just lead to one of the tightest and thrilling final games in the history of the NFL.

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