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Magic: The Gathering: The Card Game Releases New Updates

The collectors, and players of Magic: The Gathering, is the premier trading card game by Wizards of the Coast! The developers have returned with a new deck tech for the Commander format.

This time the deck will be focusing on the red, white, and black Elder Dragon from Modern Horizons 2. The new shrine commander from Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Piru, and other options will be coming out soon.

Here is the decklist on Moxfield. The is an abridged tech and will go over some key cards. This makes Piru a powerhouse. We have gathered all the details about what Piru is all about.

Piru Updates

Piru, the Volatile is a 7/7 for eight mana. It has a trigger that will let you sacrifice her. If she dies then she deals 7 damage to each creature. She will destroy a lot of creatures. It is worth noting that Piru has a lifelink, which means that you’ll be gaining 7 life by damaging each creature. We are sure Piru is bound to be a smash hit!


Lifeline will be an artifact from back in the days of Urza’s Saga. This expansion will be on the Reserve List. The players will be in the cornerstone of keeping Piru and will ensure she does as much as possible. This that if Piru is trying to kill some creatures then sacrificing her at the pivotal time will be repeated all over again.

Stuffy doll and friends

The stuffy doll is an artifact creature card that is known for its interactions of dealing damage. It will have a few cards that are similar to it, and all of the cards will be provided in the deck. The Stuffy Doll-adjacent cards include Brash Taunter, Spitemare, Boros Reckoner, and a couple of pieces of Equipment that grant the same ability, such as Blazing Sunsteel and Fiendlash

Equipment and Galore

There will be a variety of Equipment that give Stuffy Doll some combo abilities. The other creatures will also have the ability to be with the Stuffy Dolls. Pariah will ensure that the players don’t get damaged ever again. Shielded by faith will give the creature another chance to be a non-indestructible Doll. We will not have many creatures in the deck, but we will have a few reanimation Auras that will be in the form of animated dead.

Finalizing the Game

All these creatures will get killed left and right, and it will make one player win through combat alone. The two cards that are resolved correctly, will obliterate any opponent and will enhance the death trigger. Aetherflux Reservoir will work similarly, and you will have to pay 50 life to deal 50 damage to the opponent. This will be a hefty sum, but take note that you are gaining all the life and will be taking advantage of the Piru’s simultaneous damage of creatures. The deck looks strong and if you have played with or against a Piru, then the Volatile deck in Commander will challenge you even more.

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