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LeAnn Rimes Net Worth, Singing Career Highlights, Bio, Age & Other Details

LeAnn Rimes is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and critically acclaimed country music singer. You will be surprised to know that she has started her singing career at the tender age of 13. Due to her unexceptional talent, she always becomes the center of attention. She has gained a lot of name, fame, and fortune. While she has become one of the most recognized faces of country music in a very short time. If a fan’s appreciation isn’t enough she has got a lot of critical fame too. LeAnn has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and bagged a large number of awards including Grammy awards. If you want to know more about her here are complete details:

Bio and Early Life

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LeAnn rimes were born on 28th August 1982 and she is currently 38 years old. Her family moved to different places before settling down in Texas. She is the only child in the family and used to get a lot of attention from her parents. Seeing her talent LeAnn’s parents got her enrolled as a music schoolmate at the age of five she started performing in talent shows and got an introduction to musical theater too.

Luck favored her and she got a chance to showcase her talent on Star Search. Even though she didn’t win the competition the judge Ed McMahon complimented her fully. LeAnn thought about pursuing her dream in country music and since then there is no looking back. As she turned nine she got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem for the Dallas Cowboys.

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Net Worth and Personal Life

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The total net worth of LeAnn happens to be $10 million and has earned this decent amount throughout her career. LeAnn fell in love with her backup dancer named Dean Shermet. They got divorced after a few years. The reason for divorce is that LeAnn started dating famous actor Eddie Cibrian. They have a big mansion worth $ 4 million that they sold for a big amount when they moved out. She purchased a new mansion worth $3 million in California and leads a lavish life. During her divorce, the assets were properly distributed among the couple. The mansion she lives in is huge and features many bedrooms and other luxury areas.

Start of a music career and instant success

It was with the help of Bill Mack that LeAnn could make a mark in the industry. Bill wrote and produced the song ‘Blue’ for her and it became very popular too. The song topped many charts including the country music chart that gave her instant recognition. As we have already discussed that she has sold over 40 million albums globally. Country music is usually not very popular among people but she has given a new definition to it. Here are some of the most prominent songs and albums she has released so far.


  • Can’t fight the moonlight
  • How do I live
  • I need you
  • Please remember
  • The rose
  • But I do love you
  • One way ticket


  • Blue
  • Family
  • It’s Christmas Eve
  • Twisted angel
  • Spitfire
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