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Luminous Witches Anime: Release Date, Characters, Plot and All You Need To Know

Luminous Witches is also called Strike Witches which is a Japanese manga series. It has been created by Fumikane Shimada. The Luminous witches have been adapted into anime series and light novels as well as the anime are quite popular in Japan and other parts of the world. The manga series has also been adapted into a video game. The series was first about teenagers but later was adapted into various spinoffs and sequels. Luminous Witch is a spinoff to the World Witch series and the anime is based on a group of witches. In this post, we will be talking about Luminous Witches.

Is there a trailer of Luminous Witches?

The official website of the anime series has released an official trailer of Luminous Witches. The trailer highlights the appearances of the main characters of the anime series. The audience also gets to know about the Japanese name of the manga series at the end of the trailer. The Japanese name for Luminous Witches is Renmei Kuugun Koukuu Mahou Ongaku-Tai Luminous Witches. The developers of the anime series have already released a funny and cute trailer of the anime series on the official YouTube channel of the makers. The trailer focuses on the witches as they prepare for a photoshoot. They are seen taking pictures and are also seen having fun with each other while the preparation.

What are the special characteristics of Luminous Witches?

Luminous Witches are called idol witches and have enchanting powers that can charm the people. The group of witches love music and are called the music squadron. The main theme of the series is combat but the anime series also revolves around music. Luminous Witches don’t cast a spell on people with their powers but use the power of music to cast magic and win their hearts. The cover photo of the first trailer of the anime has already been released and the fans are excited about it.

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Who are the important characters in Luminous Witches?


  • Eleonore Giovanna
  • GassionSayaka
  • TsuzukiLyudmila
  • Andreyevna RouslanovaAmi
  • AimotoVirginia Robertson
  • Mai NarumiInori
  • ShibuyaMinako
  • HosogawaAira
  • Payvikki LinnamarRyō
  • MamiyaJoanna Elizabeth
  • StaffordKyō TachibanaSylvie
  • CarielloMiu Kotosaka
  • Maria Magadalene
  • DietrichMomo HanaeManaia
  • Matawhaura
  • HatoMisaki Yuki

What is the plot of Luminous Witches?

The series is set in an alternate reality where aliens have attacked the Earth. The Strike Witches have given the duty to fight the aliens and save the earth. The teenage witches have to use their powers to combat the aliens and use their magical abilities to beat the aliens. The series revolves around revolutionary witches who instead of using their magical powers use music to win the battle and fight the aliens.

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What is the release date of Luminous Witches?

The first season of Strike Witches released on July 3, 2008. The series has been so successful that many seasons, spinoffs and adaptations have been released till date. The spin-off to the Strike witches franchise is all set to release in 2021. The official release date and month of the anime hasn’t been out as yet and we are waiting for the official details.

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