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Love Me, Love Me Not Anime Film: Trailer, Release Date and More

Io Sakisaka, is the author of Love Me, Love Me Not and it is popular Japanese manga. The writer of the manga is an expert on the romance genre and her anime series are popular among teenagers and young adults. Her previous works, “Strobe Edge,” “Aoha Ride,” and “Love Me, Love Me Not” are one of the best youth romance trilogies.

Is there a trailer of Love Me Love Me not?

Love Me, Love Me Not tells a raw and passionate story of love and youth. The anime series is about the journey of self-discovery that happens through love and has been portrayed beautifully by the writer. The good news is that the series will now be available as an anime movie soon.  TOHO Animation that is the production house of the anime film has already released an official trailer for the Love Me, Love Me Not film on their official Youtube channel.

What is Love Me Love Me Not trailer about?

love me love me not

The trailer of Love Me Love Me Not dig into the lives of four high school students. They become acquainted with each other and become friends. In the trailer, we get to see a glimpse of the major characters in the series. The name of the characters are Akari, Yuna, Rio, and Kazuomi and we witness them going through the hassles of life We also get a glimpse of them discovering the things their heart desires.

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Is there a theme song for Love Me Love Me Not?

In the trailer that has been officially released on the YouTube channel of the production team, we hear a soothing and interesting theme song that is called “Gravity”. The song is performed by the Japanese rock band, Bump Of Chicken. The band is popular with the teens in Japan and fans of the group are excited that their favorite band is a part of the anime film. The song is beautiful and matches the tempo of the series well.

When will Love Me Love Me Not release?

Love Me, Love Me Not will premiere in the theaters in Japan on 18th September. The anime movie will have a runtime of 103 minutes. Toshimasa Kuroyanagi  will be directing the film. The advance tickets for the Love Me, Love Me Not will be available for the viewers to buy starting 14th August. The film will release on the same day.

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What the concept of Love Me, Love Me Not?

love me love me not

Love Me, Love Me Not is a manga that is written by Io Sakisaka and starting to serialize in Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret from June 13, 2015. The story revolves around the manga is about the character of Yuna Ichihara. She is about to enter her high school and hates the thought of separating from her best friend Sacchan. Her best friend is moving and she is sad about it. She encounters a girl at the train station, and she asks her for money so that she can pay her train fare. The story moves forward from there and takes many twists and turns as new characters are introduced in the anime series.

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