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Love Is Blind Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Trailer, Cast & Other Details

All the fans of Love is Blind will be happy to know that a new season will be arriving very soon on Netflix. This dating show garnered a lot of appreciation and love from everyone. In this dating show couples meet and they have to get engaged much before they see each other. The idea is insane and you get to see some interesting moments in it. If we talk about the finale of season one two couples got married. Much loved couples Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Barnett have got a lot of love from viewers. Here are more details regarding Love is blind season 2:

What is the plot of Love is Blind season 2?

love is blind 2

Love is Blind revolves around a unique concept. It brings a new twist to the dating style. Netflix has arranged this interesting show to including a group of men and women. The twist is that they cannot see each other. They get to talk to each other with the help of a pod. If we talk about the very first date it will last only for seven minutes. After the first date all the members will have their control. It is up to them who they want to choose or go on a date. When the pod dating time is complete, a single can propose someone they want.

If both the parties agree they can finally get to meet each other. Once the engagement happens the romantic couples can to go Mexico for a vacation. As the couples stay at the resort they will be forced to meet people they had their first date with. All the couples who are engaged will get to meet each other’s families. They will get to know a lot more about each other too. When the wedding day arrives the couple will finally get to see other face to face. It is up to them whether they want to breakup or get married.

Who is in the cast of Love is Blind season 2?

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There is no confirmation on the cast list as yet. However everyone hopes to see a good connection like Lauren and Cameron. Before the filming begins we will probably get to know more about the cast.

Is there a trailer for Love is Blind Season 2?

The trailer for Love is blind season 2 is finally out. “The pods are officially open!” Vanessa Lachey announces this news with a trailer. You also get to see some glimpses of singles who will be entering into the pod. All the singles are talking and hoping to meet good partners in this series. The dating show will be bigger and better than the previous one. According to the latest update the shooting location will not move to Chicago.

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What is the release date of Love is Blind season 2?

Love is blind season 2 will release on February 11th, 2022. Just like the first season all the episodes will release in different batches. The first five episodes will be out on 11th while the next four will come out on February 18th. The finale of the series will happen on 25th February. We can also expect a season 3 very soon.

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