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Love is all Episode 23 & 24 Release Date, News and Streaming Details

Love is all is a Chinese television series that has gotten very popular worldwide due to its unique story. There are few episodes left and we will be reaching the finale very soon. The last two episodes are 23 and 24 and all the fans are impatient that will happen in the story of Tang Ling and Tang Tian. Love is all is having the first season and it is very interesting as each episode has a lot of twists and turns. There are 26 episodes in total and we will be discussing what is going to happen in the 23 and 24 episodes of Love is all. Keep reading our article below to get all the latest updates.

Plot and review of Love is all

Love is all is definitely a great drama to follow and if you haven’t seen it yet then you are missing out a lot of fun and entertainment. The drama revolves around the life of the two most important characters Tan Ling Yin and Tang Tian Yuan. Tan belongs to a rich household and he gets to meet Tang who is known for his good looks and background. Fate brings them together as they have to solve an important case together. The story is made in a very interesting manner and the relationship between both the leads has also got a lot of unique elements. The amazing cast of the show is full of talent and they have done their roles in the best possible way. The supporting, as well as the guest cast, has something to do and you will be immersed in their amazing talent and acting skills. The cast has the following members.

  • Zhang Ruo leads as Tan Ling
  • Zhang Hao as Tang Tian
  • Dai Jing as Duan Feng,
  • Baby Zhang as Zhou Zheng

Latest happenings in the 23 and 24 episodes of Love is all

If we talk about the plot the Chinese drama is adapted from Jiu Xiao Qi’s novel Tiao Xiao Ling. It is all about two friends coming together for solving important cases. They follow their rules and principle to bring justice in the work. At the same time they can’t help but fall in love. The love story they share is very meaningful and has strong depth. In episode 23 and 24 you will see both Tan and Tang solve an important case and as soon everything was about to come out it ended with a cliff hanger. Now we have two more episodes to go and let us see what happens to both and how they escape from all the dangers.

Where can I stream Love is all?

You can stream Love is all on the Chinese local television channel named Youku and episode 23 and 24 are going to telecast on 21st May 2020. There are four episodes that come out every week and this week next week we will be having the finale. If you have missed the episodes online you can live -stream them on the official website of Youku. The videos which are uploaded there are in high quality and you can enjoy as much as you do on the television. With the finale coming up our hearts are beating faster than before!

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