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Levi Roots Net Worth, Bio, Age, Personal Relationships, Career & More

Levi Roots is a popular British-Jamaican musician, television personality, celebrity chef and a businessman. He has achieved this name and fame through his hard work. Due to his talent he has won the hearts of many people. If you want to know more about this talented artist here are some details:

Early Life & Bio

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Levi Roots was born on 24th June 1958 in Clarendon, Jamaica. His real name is Keith Valentine Graham while Levi Roots is his stage name. He comes from a very big family and has 4 siblings. All the family members are very close to him and he depended on them in his youth. His parents moved to UK when he was a child. He used to live with his grandmother and after sometime jointed his parents.

Even though he was a Cristian by religion he converted to Rastafari faith as he turned 18. He became very close to his grandmother and felt homesick. Due to these issues he had a strained relationship with his father. Sadly he never got close to him. He was a big fan of listening to music and the flavors of Jamaica.

Release of his cookbook & Career

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Levi Roots released his book in 2008 but it was written by the investor of Roots. The beginning of the Levis story became very famous. It also featured an introduction of the Caribbean ingredients to all the readers. After releasing his cookbook he also appeared BBC’s Ready Steady Cook on June 2008. He also came to the second place and Lesley Waters came second. Levi soon started a television series named Caribbean Food Made easy.

When his book got published he got the chance to travel throughout Jamaica and the UK. Levi started giving his guest appearances on TV and came to the big screen. Everyone loved his entry in the urban comedy film Anuvahood. In this film he played his own self. Apart from that he also got the chance to appear in the 7th season of Death in the paradise. As he played the part of Billy Springer he got a lot of name and fame worldwide.

Caribbean Smokehouse

Levi Roots opened up his restaurant in 2010. All his children worked with him. The best thing is that this restaurant provided a lunchtime service to the popular Thames Christian College. This was a local school that closed in 2012.  In 2015 he opened up his franchise restaurant in Stanford City. However the business couldn’t turn out well and it was closed in 2019.

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Personal Life & Relationships

Levi has got a total of 8 children from seven different women. Even though he has been linked with various women he keeps his private life away from media. He lives in Brixton, South London and all his children meet him occasionally. His mother has been proud of his achievements in the career. Sadly his mother Doreen passed away in 2020 due to pandemic. She was 90 years old but her cause of death is not known.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Levi Roots is estimated to be at $45 million. He has gained this huge amount of net worth through his career. Levi has appeared on the popular television series named Celebrity mastermind and Big Brother.

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