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Lenny Kravitz Net Worth, Personal Life, Music Career & More

Lenny Kravitz is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor. He got a lot of fame and appreciation in this field and acquired a huge fan following too. Lenny is one of those artists who have won a Grammy award that is considered very prestigious. He has got a long career and keeps diversifying himself.

The studio albums he has released so far have sold about $40 million. All of them got a place in Billboard Hot 100 and album charts. Apart from that, he got a chance to star in some of the most prominent films and television series. Let’s talk about his career and personal life so you can know your favorite artist better.

Early Life

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Lenny Kravitz was born on 26th May 1964 in New York. You will be surprised to know that talent runs in their family as his mother Roxie Roker was a renowned actress of her time. Lenny’s father was a news announcer and they lived in a moderate background. He wasn’t really religious since his childhood but started following Christianity as he grew older. Since his childhood, he had planned that he will become a music artist. He used to play drums, guitar and enjoy R&B, blues, and gospels. He got a lot of inspiration from other bands like rolling stones; Led Zeppelin. He started performing in cafes and on the road that attracted a lot of people.

Music career


Lenny got lucky when he started out his music career. In the mid-1980 he got some financial help from his father and collaborated with many artists of that time. His songs started getting popular and signed on to a music label after some time. He won Grammy awards and many other big awards for showcasing his talent and making quality music. Some of his most prominent songs and albums include:


  • Fly away
  • I belong to you
  • Again
  • Are you gonna go my way
  • Low
  • American Women
  • The chamber


  • Lenny
  • Raise Vibration
  • 5
  • Let Love rule
  • Circus
  • Black and White America
  • It’s time for a love revolution

Personal life and controversies

Lenny met actress Lisa Bonet at a new edition concert and they fell in love. They got married after a few years of dating and were blessed with a daughter. Their daughter Zoe also went on to become a popular and well-known actress. The couple got a divorce and Lenny started dating Vanessa Paradis. When this relationship couldn’t last for long he got into a new relationship and got engaged to Adriana Lima. His personal life has always been into many ups and downs as the relationships didn’t sustain for the long term. Apart from this personal relationship Lenny is found of workout and keeps himself fit. He is also giving charity to a lot of organizations and has his own charity organization too named let love rule foundation.

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Net Worth

The estimated Net worth of Lenny Kravitz is $80 million and he likes to lead a lavish lifestyle. He owns a big house and loves to have more than one car in his garage. He is close to his children even though he has gotten a divorce from those particular ladies.

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