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Legendary Perry Mason: Cast, Plot, Release Date and More

Legendary Perry Mason is a crime thriller that airs on HBO. The drama series is a prequel to the 70s drama called Perry Manson. The drama is about a criminal attorney who fights for righteous causes. The drama series has already aired its first season and the fans are already waiting for another season. Legendary Perry Mason has already gained a lot of fame and attention from the audience and the fans are eagerly hoping to see a new season soon. The good news is that Legendary Perry Mason will be coming back with a new season. In this post, we will be talking about Legendary Perry Mason Season 2.

Will there be a Legendary Perry Mason Season 2?

Legendary Perry Mason is coming back with season 2 and HBO has made an official announcement about the same. There are a few episodes remaining to be aired from Legendary Perry Mason Season 1 and the good news is that the new season has already been announced by HBO The success of the show has made the channel and the producers take this step about the renewal. HBO announced an official statement about Legendary Perry Mason in the following statement.

Announcing the same on July 22, the Executive Vice President, HBO Programming, Francesca Orsi said, “It has been an exciting journey to work with the immensely talented team behind Perry Mason.

Viewers have relished being transported back in time to 1930’s Los Angeles each week, and we are thrilled to welcome the show back for a second season.”

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How was the response to Legendary Perry Mason Season 1?

Legendary Perry Mason is one of the most-watched shows on HBO. It broke rating records and premiered with the highest premiere ratings with its first episode. HBO hasn’t recorded such high ratings in the past couple of years and Legendary Perry Mason has made HBO as one of the highest-rated channels on the timeslot. The pilot episode of the drama has been watched by 8 million viewers.

What is the plot of Legendary Perry Mason?


Legendary Perry Mason was one of the most highly anticipated dramas of 2020. The drama series is a reboot of the 1970s drama series Perry Mason. The drama is about the character of Perry Mason who is a private detective and later becomes a criminal attorney. He is a righteous person and fights for truth and justice.

The drama series follows various cases where justice and truth are unveiled with the help of the attorney Perry Mason. Mason uncovers the truth about crimes in a city and unveils the criminals who are committing wrong to the locals of the city. The drama series has a backdrop of Los Angeles and we see Perry Mason practicing law there.

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Who is in the cast of Legendary Perry Mason?

Legendary Perry Mason cast includes the following actors in the lead role:

  • Matthew Rhysas Perry Mason, a private investigator.
  • Juliet Rylanceas Della Street, the loyal and driven legal secretary of E.B. Jonathan.
  • Chris Chalkas Paul Drake, a beat cop.
  • Shea Whigham as Pete Strickland, Mason’s work partner.

What is the release date of Legendary Perry Mason?

The American period drama released its first episode on June 21, 2020. The first season is coming to its end soon and the drama will be coming out with a season 2 in 2021.

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