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Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 More Details Revealed

Activision and Tencent Games have revealed a ton of new info on what’s in store for Season 7 of Call Of Duty: Mobile. The video game will be partnered with Ozuna and will be the first musician which will have custom in-game content. The video game will be available to stream globally and will release a season with the name of “The Elite of the Elite“. Here is all you need to know about the Call Of Duty Video Game for Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Release Date

Season 7 of Call of Duty will be released on Wednesday, August 25th at 5 pm PT. The players will be able to roam around the game and will be allowed to explore new features of the video game.

Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Latest Features

The game will feature the singer’s iconic bear-themed character skin. Many other Ozuna-inspired items will also be launched this season. You will be able to get calling cards, avatars, and more. The musician of the video game also wrote a brand-new song for the Season which is titled “A La Buena, El Mejor.”

New Rewards in the Elite Battle Pass

Season 7 will feature Special Forces that will have a basic theme. The Battle Pass will be full of free and premium content. It will include new Operators, new functional weapons, amazing Weapon Blueprints, engaging Calling Cards, powerful Charms, basic Call of Duty Points (CP), and much more.

Call Of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass Free Tiers

Get ready for the coming attack as the players will be able to use the new Kinetic Armor Operator Skill. It will be unlocked at Tier 14 and Tier 21. The players will be able to gain access to the new Hades LMG and can start saving up for the powerful Weapon XP Cards that will help them to win the game. The players can now unlock its early attachments and can shred the upcoming challenges. You will also get many free tier items that will include the weapon blueprints Razorback – Blue Scratch, the AS VAL – Wolves, and many more items.

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Premium Pass Tiers

The players will be able to get the Battle Pass and will get the opportunity to earn all of the content that is available in the Elite of the Elite stream. You can unlock the new Demir Operator and will get access to a variety of

  • Griggs — Sarge, Charly
  • Huntress
  • Mil-Sim – Balkan Special ATU

The players will also be gifted with Weapon Blueprints like

  • Hades
  • Shoulder Cannon, QXR
  • Prototype Omega
  • Rytec AMR — Revati
  • M4 — Outcast Vengeance.

New Multiplayer Maps

Monastery: Battle will break at once-peaceful Monastery. The Operators must navigate the map and will have to find their way towards the twisting walkways and clustered buildings.

Scrapyard 2019: Season 7 will launch the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare iteration and the classic map. The players can deploy the aircraft boneyard which is made with scattered parts and storage sheds. You can fight the central fuselage…and can look forward to the incoming grenades.

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