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Lance Stewart (Tik Tok & Youtuber) Net worth, Height, Age, Wiki, Bio

Lance Stewart is a Tik Tok star and a successful YouTuber. He has around 3.4 million followers on his youtube channel and he makes some interesting and great videos to entertain people. He has also recently started making videos for Tik Tok and has managed to get a lot of followers on the Tik Tok platform as well. Let’s get to know about the famous social media star in this article.

Lance Steward Wiki and Bio

Lance Steward was born in Philadelphia on June 20th 1996. He is a famous youtube star and has also acquired fame from Tik Tok. Lance uploads reaction videos and Vlogs on Youtube channel and people are in love with his interesting videos. He gets millions of likes and comments for each video he posts and has 3 million-plus followers on his youtube channel. He often uploads pranks in his videos and his pranks videos are the most popular videos on his channel. The Youtuber has been nominated in popular award ceremonies as the best comedian and has managed to be recognized by popular magazines and media. His video The Ultimate Prank got 24 million-plus reviews on his channel and is the most-watched video on his channel. He started his youtube channel in 2014 and the list of his followers on the channel hit 24 k mark within the first month of his channel’s launch.

Early Life of Lance Stewart

The youtube is 22 years old and has an Italian Irish ethnicity. He has been born and brought up in Philadelphia because his parents moved to the USA when he was a child. He has been passionate about adventures since his childhood and loves exploring placing that allows him new and exciting adventures. He records Vlogs and has a loyal fan base. He has an older sister and parents but not much is known about his family. The TikTok star and Youtuber don’t talk much about his family and his family hasn’t appeared in any of his Youtube and Tik Tok videos.

Personal affairs/Girlfriend/Wife

Lance has been dating Lizzy Wurst for almost 6 years now. The couple celebrated their 5th anniversary in 2018 and has been dating since 2013. Lizzy is also a YouTuber and the couple appears in each other’s youtube videos often. They look great together and complement each other. They have been together for years but relationships can be unpredictable and we don’t know how long they will last. We wish the couple all the luck and hope that they stay together forever because they have a lot of fans who are rooting for them. They are not married as yet but since they are in a serious relationship we are hoping to hear some good news about their marriage soon.

Hobbies and Favorite things

Lance has often talked about things that he likes and has shared his interests and hobbies with his fans many times. His favorite holiday destination is Paris and he mentioned in one of his videos that he would propose his girlfriend in Paris when the right time comes. His Favorite actors are Matt Damon and Alexandra Daddario. His favorite food is Italian and he loves to spend his free time listening to music and playing football. Traveling is also one of his biggest hobbies and whenever he gets time he plans foreign trips for himself.

Lance Steward Net worth

The Tik Tok star and Youtuber has a net worth of $ 2.5 million which is considered to be a great number for a social media star. He has managed to earn this income due to his popularity. He makes interesting videos for youtube and Tik Tok and for that reason he has become famous around the world.

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