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Lacey Chabert Net Worth, Career, Salary Highlights, Age, Relationships & More

Lacy Chabert is a popular American film and voice actress. She has got a big net worth and has got a lot of name and fame throughout her career. Even though she has done many roles successfully her most noteworthy work has been All My Children and Mean Girls. Both the characters in these shows helped her gain a lot of popularity among fans and critics alike. If this isn’t enough she also got the chance to star in eighteen hallmark movies. There are many fans who want to know more about Lacey but they don’t have much information. Keep reading the details below to check more about her.

Bio and Early Life


Lacy was born on September 30th, 1982 in the USA. She was raised very well by her family and her morals are evident too. Lacy believes in working hard since her childhood. When she was young she always had a lot of interest in acting. She began acting for local drama productions. At the age of nine, she got the chance to star in the television movie’ A little piece of heaven’. Her parents supported her but they made sure her studying schedule doesn’t hinder her. She is 38 years old currently and has a bright career ahead.

Personal Life, Marriage, Relationships

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Lacy got married to her long-time love David Nedhar. The couple is still going strong and they have one daughter together. Apart from that Lacy has been linked with some other people from the entertainment industry. However, she has always revealed in her interviews that she hopes to have long and meaningful relationships. Many people respect her as she has a clean image in the industry and remains away from controversies. Her professional and personal life has been going well so far. She also likes to stay active on social media as many fans are digital in nature. The fan following on her social media accounts is proof of how successful she has been.

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Lacy began her career at nine and she started getting all the attention too. As she was growing up her career was growing too. There was no big director who didn’t want to cast her. Fans are in awe as her performances have always been diverse. If this isn’t enough she has also been a voice actor for many prominent films. Here is a list of her most prominent work so far.

  • Mean Girls
  • Matchmaker
  • Color of rain
  • Lost in space
  • The sweetest Christmas
  • Christmas Waltz
  • Party of Five
  • A royal Christmas
  • Family Guy
  • Baby Daddy
  • Young justice

Net Worth and Real Estate

The total net worth of Lacy happens to be around $4 million. She is one of the richest actresses in Hollywood and likes to lead a lavish lifestyle. Lacy and David have recently purchased a home in the LA suburb of Tarzana. It was purchased for $1.9 million while they were earlier living in a penthouse that was located in West Hollywood.

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