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Top Reasons Why You Must Watch Korean Drama True Beauty

The currently airing Korean drama is airing on the channel TVN. The show is receiving a great response from the audience for various reasons. Korean drama titled ‘True Beauty’ is based on a webtoon. The drama made its debut on December 9 and is soon going to end after the final episodes air.

The show stars Moon Ga-young as Lim Ju-Kyung, and the Kpop idol turned actor Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho in the lead role. The show also stars Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-Joon. True Beauty’ tells the story of high school kids who are facing difficulties of getting bullied. The show showcases the journey of the leads as they experience self-discovery, and finding love. Here are some of the reasons why you should watch the Korean drama True beauty.

The female Protagonist is a Classic Ugly Duckling

Most Asian dramas have beautiful and attractive lead heroines. Contrary to that True Beauty stars an ugly duckling Lim Ju-Kyung in the lead role. She is an awkward and clumsy teenager, who has acne marks and redness all over her face. She wears big-sized glasses and has dense caterpillar eyebrows. The popular and pretty girls in her school find her bully-worthy and mock her all the time.

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Lim Ju Kyung Remarkable Transformation

true beauty

Lim Ju Kyung struggles to become prettier and tries makeup products to look pretty. She learns makeup and changes her entire look. Lim Ju-Kyung faces difficulties while learning the makeup tricks but ends up overcoming all the obstacles.  The teenage girls out there can relate with her and this is why the show is being loved by young girls. She turns herself from an ugly duckling into a beautiful girl.

The Attractive and Hot Male Leads

One of the major reasons why the girls are loving the drama is the bewitching appearances of the two male leads. Cha Eun-woo as Lee Su-ho and Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-jun look handsome and have acted their roles brilliantly. They have played their parts well and have become successful in winning over the hearts of the audiences. The portrayal of their respective characters’ has kept the viewers stick to the show.

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The Bromance

The bromance between the two male leads is adorable. They are seen fighting with each other all the time but their scenes together are surely a treat to watch. They share a bitter history together but love and friendship still exist between them. Lee Su-ho and Han Seo-jun’s friendship is seen growing over time, and the hostility between them is gradually going away. The cute and funny chemistry between the two characters is one of the major reasons why people are loving the show.

The Supporting Characters

We must admit that all the supporting characters in the show are entertaining in their own way. Lim Ju-Kyung’s father, Su-ho’s father, Soo-jin, and other students at the school all have their share in the success of the drama. The supporting cast is doing their jobs well, and all the cast especially Lim Ju-Kyung’s family members are a treat to watch.  The bickering between Lim Ju Kyung’s brother and Seo-jun’s sister is also sweet and fun.

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