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Ken Ishiguro Net Worth, Acting Career, Highlights, Movies, Age & Bio

Ken Ishiguro is a popular and renowned Japanese actor who has made a lot of names for himself. His net worth is massive and his talent is evident. All the fans are impressed by his mesmerizing performances and he is an inspiration for the young actors too. His career is decades-long and he has given a lot of big movies and TV shows. If you are his fans like many others and curious to know more about him you have come to the right place. Here are all the details about his net worth, Career, and other highlights.

Bio and Quick Facts

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Ken was born on January 31st, 1966 and his birthplace is Tokyo, Japan. He belongs to a middle-class background and didn’t have much money. Due to his hard work, he started looking for some good roles so he could earn a living. Even though his passion was acting he decided to complete his education first. He is 55 years old currently and his star sign is Aquarius. He is close to his family and even his professional life is free of controversies too. His height is five feet and ten inches and the voice is perfect for being an actor.

Net Worth and Relationships

After having a successful career for over a decade he has become one of the richest actors in Japan. His net worth happens to be around $1-$5 million and it continues to grow with his acting career. He leads a luxurious life and has a massive house in Tokyo where all the necessities are with him. He is a dedicated husband and also tries to remain active on social media to make his fans happy. Many fans were excited to know that he is a happily married man and the couple has got two children. His parents are Osamu Ishiguro and Hanayo Sumi while his siblings are Hamao Shirō and Katō Yoshiyuki.


Ken is a professional actor who is renowned for working in various films and TV shows. He has earned a lot of nominations and even got big awards for his mind-blowing performance. You will not be surprised to know that he was only 13 when he started working in the industry. He has a clean image and great acting skills.

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  • Food Luck | Food Luck! Shaun (2020) – Eiji Shinsei
  • The Legacy of Dr. Death: Black File | Doctor Death no Isan: Black File (2020)
  • The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Princess | Confidence Man JP: Princess hen (2020) – Zenzo Shogasaki
  • The Confidence Man JP: The Movie (2019) – Zenzo Shogasaki
  • High & Low The Red Rain (2016) – Tatsuomi Uezono
  • Samurai Rock (2015) – Jiro Shibata
  • Before Sunrise | Yoake no Machi de (2011) – Shintani
  • Shojotachi no Rashinban (2011) – Soichiro Ogura
  • Peak: The Rescuers | Gaku: Minna no Yama (2011) – Kyozo Shiina
  • The Last Message: Umizaru | Za rasuto messeji: Umizaru (2010) – Isamu Satao
  • Perfect Blue | Pafekuto Buru (2010) – Saburo Moroka
  • Carried on a Sea Breeze | Umikaze ni fukarete (2009)
  • Dear My Love | 60-sai no Rabu reta (2009)
  • Hatsukoi: Natsu no kioku (2009)
  • Departure: From Ashoro (2009)
  • Flower Shadow | Hanakage (2008)
  • The Signs of Love | Mirai yosouzu (2007) – Daisuke Goto
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