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Kami no Tou: Tower of God Episode 9: Release Date, Spoilers and All You Need To Know

In this post, we will be talking about Japanese anime Kami no Tou Episode 9. The anime series has become popular with the audience and the fans can’t wait for another episode to come out. The interesting plot and the twists and turns have made the anime one of the most-watched and followed anime series in Japan and other parts of the world. The test to advance to the next level in Tower of God has started and the teams have been divided into Team A and Team B.

We saw many sacrifices being made by the members from both the teams. Team A however has an upper hand and it seems like they will win. This is by far the latest developments in Kami no Tou: Tower of God and if you want to know about the happenings in the latest episodes then you must read the full post. New episodes are released every Wednesday so we wouldn’t have to wait for long to know about the aftermath of this battle. You can check out the latest updates and information regarding the release date below.

What was the plot of Kami no Tou: Tower of God episode 8?

Kami no Tou: Tower of God Episode 8 has an interesting storyline and the audience was smitten by the exciting plot they got to witness in episode 8. There are a lot of expectations from episode 9 because episode 8 was nothing less than a treat. In the episode, we got to witness a tag game. Anak and Quant blitz are playing the tag game against each other and there were some of the best and exciting moments that made the audience heart flutter.

When both the teams pull the bar the rope breaks into half. Bam asks Endrosi about were Michele is and why did she team up with her and she replies that Michelle was the only one who was left alone in the field and she took her in because she needed support. Quant uses magic and vanishes from there and fights all the paws that come his way. Agoura makes the Team loose so that Team B can win the selection process.

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How many episodes will Kami no Tou: Tower of God have?

Kami Na tou will have a total of 13 episodes. We have already reached the ninth episode and the end is nearing which is making the fans very disappointed. The anime might get another season after the first season ends because the success of Kami no Tou season 1 has made the makers think positively about the second season.

What time does Kami no Tou: Tower of God airs?

If you are a fan of Kami no Tou: Tower of God then you might want to set up your schedule according to the airing time of Kami no Tou. The webtoon has been made into an animated series and it has got fans excited. You can watch the episodes on Crunchyroll and enjoy the series with English subtitles.

Kami No Tou: Tower of God when is the Episode 9 releasing?

The release date of Kami no Tou: Tower of God on 27th May 2020 on every Wednesday. It follows a weekly schedule and airs every week. You should keep a track of time difference if you want to catch the recent episodes.

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