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How to Plan the Proper Use of Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Devices in a Medical Storage

Vaccine for controlling Covid-19 is moving all around the world and distributed in movements to stop the spread of the pandemic. In these distributions and arrangements, one thing that’s most crucial is the preserving and safety of the vaccine temperatures.

The phenomenon used for a long time is called vaccine temperature monitoring, and its devices for keeping the potency and usability of the vaccines in check. These devices have come a long way with the advent of technology and make it easier to sense inaccurate temperature to avoid calamities like impotent vaccines, restocking, defects in the refrigeration that can cost a lot of time and money to fix. 

Hence any medical facility should have proper vaccine temperature devices and a foolproof plan to avoid extensive damage or disregard of best medical practices and SOPs. The following are some bonafide tips to help in preserving an upright and solid vaccine temperature monitoring system:

Acquire Quality TMDs

The right way to monitor and preserve vaccines to their best conditions is through employing the proper temperature monitoring devices. There are several variations to different vaccine temperature monitoring devices present in the market that should be purchased after careful consideration of the need and size of the facility and the vaccines present. In addition to the TMDs, DDLs (digital data loggers) should also be employed to develop information on the vaccines to deduct important facts like the preferred temperature of the vaccines to stay potent, how the refrigeration can be improved; and other important data to support functions. 

Invest in Proper Refrigeration

In order to implement the proper installation and working of a vaccine temperature monitoring device, proper refrigeration and freezing systems should be present in the facility. Taking precise information from the DDLs can help in keeping adequate temperatures as well as the number of refrigerators to store the vaccine safely. It is recommended to have altered compound vaccines to be stored separately to keep their structured reform and prevent overcrowding a refrigerating space. For this reason, it’s essential to find out the number of vaccines in the facility and refrigerant space required to store them at the right temperature adequately. 

Create a Monitored Log

Maintaining a scrutinized system of vaccine temperature monitoring and temperature mapping isn’t possible without considerable data on the vaccines. This log can consist of several details not just limited to preferred temperatures of the vaccines, but their maintenance and long-term care to generate profit to the company and the patients. It is also needed in case of transporting the vaccines in safe conditions under altered chambers than the refrigerators present at a facility. Always make sure to keep the DDLs in good shape and profitably working in the best conditions to leap, providing accurate data throughout. 

Have an Emergency Plan 

Perceiving the pandemic situation of the COVID-19 spread, emergencies and needs for more vaccines arise anytime. This can also be the case for regularly or rarely used vaccines in case of a sudden emergence of a virus. For this reason, every medical facility should employ and preplan emergency transport of vaccines either through coolers or fully furnished refrigeration trucks. There should be temperature monitoring systems available for emergency transport as well and loggers, if needed, to help keep the vaccines regulated through the journey.

Educate Staff

Even if the technology has advanced far enough to rid some of the duties of manual labor and bring ease, it still shouldn’t be left unmonitored. In a medical facility containing several units of vaccines, having the staff properly trained to test TMD equipment is necessary and store and monitor the logs created through data loggers. Safety protocols should be followed by them for taking emergency action to sudden equipment breakdown.

Mumtaz Khan
Mumtaz Khan
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