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KAIJU Wars New Demo To Launch Soon

Indie developer and publisher Foolish Mortals Games revealed the latest updates about their video game Kaiju Wars. The video game has been the talk of the town and the fans of this game are waiting for it to release for a long time. The game developers will be releasing a new demo for the video game soon. We have gathered all the information about the Kaiju Wars demo. Here is all you need to know!

Kaiju Wars Demo Release Date

Kaiju Wars will be coming out with a new demo soon. The video game will be getting a new addition to its upcoming demo. The demo will be coming out soon and it will be released during Steam Next Fest. The festival will start on February 21st, 2022.

Kaiju Wars Demo Details

Kaiju Wars’ new demo will be upgraded with some latest features. The video game will come with a brand new tool. The new Map Editor will make the demo more interesting. So now you can design levels on your own and can customize them according to your desires. The players will be able to explore the battle with the amazing monsters. They will be able to destroy everything that you have created. The new map creator contest will be happening all through the next month.

Map Creator Contest

Foolish Mortals will host a map creator contest that will start from February 17 until March 18. The Steam Workshop submitted maps and they will be available for potential inclusion in the final campaign. The launch of Kaiju Wars will reach out directly to creators. The new features will be integrated into the main storyline. The credits to the creator along with the team in the final launch product will include many new features.

Kaiju Wars Demo Features

  • The Kaiju Wars map editor will allow you to create any type of scenario that is presented in the main campaign.
    • Some will be easier to create than others. The team of the game recommends that you should start with the basics in “What makes a map fun?”
  • Mission settings tab –  This settings tab will allow you to choose a name, description, map dimensions, palette, and units! This is where all of the initial blocks will start to begin.
  • Tiles tab –The players of Kaiju Wars‘ will have all their options here. You will see some necessities, but it is up to your aesthetic and tactical desire.
  • Kaiju tab –you will get to fully customize the kaiju. You can choose the spawn location, appearance timing, health, respawn bonuses, and so much more.
  • Projects and Dialogue –the players will have to choose the project cards. They can also follow the designed mission to customize their game.
  • Steam Workshop integration – The players can start Uploading to Steam Workshop and can make their map viewable. This is when you will be able to play with other players in the community.
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