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How To Watch Cobra Kai Without YouTube Red?

Cobra Kai is an American comedy series that has gained a lot of interest among viewers. If you haven’t watched it yet it’s about time you should. The show has got good ratings and also got good reviews from the critics. All the people who have subscribed to Netflix can watch it there. Obviously there is no way you can watch the series for free so it will be better to watch it on Netflix rather than YouTube Red which is a little more expensive.

However, it is true that there are some parts of Cobra Kai that are available for free on YouTube. If you have got a monthly or yearly subscription of Netflix you can watch the first two seasons of Cobra Kai and now that the new season is on its way this will turn out to be a good idea.

Why the viewers don’t need YouTube Red?

cobra Kai 2

It was officially announced on 28th August 2020 that the two seasons of Cobra Kai have been released exclusively on Netflix. There is no doubt that Netflix has become one of the biggest streaming websites and you can watch all the series in HD quality as well.

If sources are to be believed that the new season of Cobra Kai is on its way and people are already very excited about it. Jon Hurwitz is the maker of the series and he has stated that the third season is going to be bigger and better. The audience can look forward to something they haven’t seen before. The third season is expected to come out in 2021.

How can viewers watch Cobra Kai on YouTube?

Cobra Kai 3

YouTube has realized the importance of bringing original content from the advertiser on the channel. They have decided that they will be bringing some fresh content from behind the paywall too. Cobra Kai has been extremely popular and it got 11 nominations in different award functions including the Emmy’s. The series won the Golden Tomato awards for Best TV Drama and it has become the highest ever reboot of all time. The story of the series is different and there is a comic touch attached to it which is why it is very interesting. After the massive success of the famous series Karate Kid, the reboot was created in the form of Cobra Kai.

The series features a martial arts tale like never before and because of this very reason, even YouTube was forced to bring something on their channel. The first two seasons of Cobra Kai premiered on YouTube two weeks ago and it has soon reached 20 million views in just six days. Everyone is now convinced that Cobra Kai is in a lot of demand and one of the best digital series as of now.

Looking at the popularity of the series it was announced that YouTube’s original series and specials will be coming out for the fans across the Globe. They can watch the series in good quality. There will be an advertisement in between but the viewers can plan to watch Cobra Kai for free. The only issue you have to face is that the first few episodes of season one and season two are available for free and others are not. Getting a good subscription is always a good idea so you can watch the full show without any hindrance.

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