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Jumanji Series Extends To Theme Parks & More

Sony Pictures Entertainment has something exciting to share with the fans. They have currently announced a ‘multi-territory exclusive agreement’ to create something innovative. It involves branded attraction rides, retail outlets and hotel rooms. All this is based on the studio’s most popular franchise Jumanji.

According to the latest updates a lot of new experiences related to the franchise will launch across Merlin’s theme and water parks. The franchise will be launching in Europe, UK and North America. If we talk about the first Jumanji experience this will launch as a part of the agreement as a beautiful Jumanji ride. Here are more details regarding Jumanji series:

Jumanji Series extends its franchise

jumanji 2

All the fans will be excited to know that the first ever Jumanji experience will launch very soon. It will open up this April at Merlin’s Gardaland resort in Italy. There will be many themed hotel rooms available for one and all.  Makers are planning to announce something big regarding the brand activation. It is currently in the development stages at another theme park. They plan to debut with this franchise in around 2023. According to Jeffrey Godsick who is the head of entertainment at Sony Picture:

“Merlin is the ideal company to bring the world of Jumanji to life. “Their commitment to strong storytelling, quality of craftsmanship, and fantastic guest experiences ensure that fans of Jumanji will be fully immersed into the worlds of our films and have an unforgettable experience. I am very pleased to expand our relationship with the great team at Merlin.”

Fans can expect something fun and entertaining

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There are many complications and caution going around public gathers due to pandemic. The theme parks are offering a lot of fun and entertainment to everyone. Makers of Jumanji series believe that this must venture into the world back again. Earlier this month, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced something special. The Super Nintendo World will open up in 2023. If we talk about the Japanese version it is already open since 2021.

Fans will find the Studio Ghibli Theme Park even more entertaining. In 2017, the plan begins and will open up in Japan simultaneously. To date, the movie franchise Jumanji has gathered over $2.1 billion globally. Everyone is in love with Jumanji and the popularity will not go down anytime soon.

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What is the plot of Jumanji Series?

The plot of Jumanji focuses around a group of teenagers. They all come across Jumanji that will soon transform into a video game. If we talk about the plot of Jumanji series it will take the story forward after 21 years of this event. This group of teenagers is stuck inside the video game and there is no way out. They seek to come out of this trap by completing various quests inside the game. Are you excited about Jumanji extension to the theme parks? Give your comments below and let us know how you feel.

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