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Joseph Simmons Net Worth, Professional Career, Biography & Other Details

Joseph Simmons is an American rapper and DJ who has become a household name due to hit songs and albums. There are few rappers who have made a mark in music and become recognized globally but Joseph is one such rapper. Rev Run is his real name but he is known as Joseph by most of the people. He is one of the founding members of the famous hip hop group Run-DMC.

He became a television star when he starred in the MTV reality series Run house and since then people have started to know him a lot more. In 2008 he released a book Take back your family: A challenge to American Parents. The book was written by his wife as well and the sales increased in a short time. Here are all details about Joseph.

How was the early life of Joseph Simmons?

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Joseph was born on November 14th, 1964 in Queens, NewYork. His mother and father led a simple life and they raised him very well. His mother Evelyn was working as a park administrator and took care of the city parks while his father Daniel was a teacher and taught black history. Joseph has two older brothers and they owned their music company. The talent of rapping came to him naturally and used to love all the rappers at that time. Luck favored him and soon got the opportunity to start a band of his own. He is 55 years old currently but his popularity doesn’t seem to go down anytime soon.

Start of Professional career and Fame

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Joseph started out by becoming the co-founder of DMC which became a popular Hip Hop band. They worked together for about 20 years and delivered many hits. He went on to sign up as a solo artist and released his own albums and songs too. The first song King of rock became one of the top-selling albums and reached a peak on the Hip-hop Billboard chart. He was lucky enough to get a Grammy nomination within the same year and the other albums also continued to gain success. Some of his hit songs and albums are mentioned below:

  • It’ tricky
  • Walk this way
  • King of Rock
  • You talk too much
  • Run’s house
  • Dumb Girl
  • Raising hell
  • Down with the King
  • Tougher than leather

Personal life

Joseph got married to the love of his life Valerie Vaughn in 1983. The couple is blessed with a son named Joseph Junior and two daughters Vanessa and Angela. They all were living happily but suddenly problems started arising between the couple and he went on to get married the second time. He got married to Justine Jones and the couple was blessed with two sons and a daughter. However Victoria his daughter died shortly after she was born and they had to go through a tough time together.

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Net worth and Real Estate

The total net worth of Joseph is $60 million and he is one of the richest rappers. In 2003 he paid $1.3 million and purchased a house in New Jersey. The house has six big bedrooms and the living area is also very spacious. He renovated the house to build up his own theater and music lounge. There was a recording studio, home theater, and an indoor basketball court which were considered a place of recreation for his sons and family.

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