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Jordan Belfort Net Worth, Career Highlights, Wife, Children, Age & More

Jordan Belfort is an American former stockbroker, author, and motivational speaker. He published his memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street’’ it got a lot of attention from people. You will be surprised to know that it turned into a movie script. The movie was a success and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in it. He is one of the most influential businessmen and people respect him. Another famous movie boiler was also based on his famous write-ups. If this isn’t enough he has also been a screenwriter for many other films and produces a lot too. If you want to know more about this talented man read the following details.


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Jordan was born on July 9th, 1962 in Bayside, Queens. He was born and brought up in a Jewish family and is 58 years old currently. When he was in high school his family was facing financial issues. He used to sell ice creams on the beach with his friend and made $20,000.Jordan was a bright student and graduated from American University. Getting a degree in Biology didn’t seem difficult and he got good grades. He wanted to become a dentist but realized that it won’t be easy to get rich with this profession.

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You will be surprised to see the passion of Jordan as he used to sell meat and seafood from door to door. He started making money and soon hired more employers that could help him in this business. The company sold over 5,000 pounds of meat and fish every week. He became a stockbroker trainer but got into hookers and drugs and his mind was off the work. However, he had a good idea to make money through the stock business. After some time he started his own stock business and gained a lot of success. He was into money laundering and had many secret accounts in the Swiss bank.

Legal Issues and controversies

Jordan was involved in security frauds and money laundering cases in 1999. He was sentenced to jail for long years. All his financial scams cost his investors $200 million. As he wanted to become rich he didn’t understand whether the money-making business will lead him to trouble. However, he has his own writing career and is a motivational speaker so he could bring back the lost money in some time.

Relationships and Net worth

Jordan has been leading a lavish life in his huge apartment. He used to throw parties frequently that was full of drugs and women. However, he fell in love with Denise Lombardo and they got married. After few years they were divorced and got married a second time. His second marriage is with Nadine Caridi and they have two kids together. They also broke up and he started dating Anne Koppe. He has also put in a lot of money in property investments. The total net worth of Jordan is revealed to be $100 million and he is leading a luxurious life. He is currently living in New York in a big house that has a lot of rooms and other facilities.

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