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Top Star Jonathan Gresham Reportedly Signs With AEW

ROH World Champion & PROGRESS Unified World Champion Jonathan Gresham is impressing one and all with his performances. He has reportedly signed up with AEW and feels elevated for the same. After a lot of speculations a new report confirmed he will now work with AEW. Similarly he will also perform for ROH. Johnson will make his AEW debut at the Battle of the belts this Saturday on TNT. He will defend his Ring of Honor strap against the ROH veteran Dalton Castle. Here are more details for this story:

Jonathan Gresham Seals the Deal with AEW

johnathan 1

Jonathan is elated to become a part of AEW department. The company has also signed up a contract with “Gates of Agony” Kaun and Toa Liona for similar contracts. According to the latest updates there are a lot of talents who will soon join the company. The officials at AEW including Tony Khan are making efforts to bring the best for the wrestling lovers. Other wrestling stars who have signed the deal for AEW/ROH contracts will be confirmed soon.

If we talk about Jonathan he has become the Undisputed ROH World Champion by defeating Bandido. The main event of ROH supercars of Honor that happened on April 1st, has been the best for everyone. This show was booked for the new ROH owner, Tony Khan. The news of Johnathan signing up a contract with AEW has already become the talk of the town.

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Wrestling experience of Johnathan

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Jonathan believes in giving the best of performances to all the wrestling lovers. He has been working for the Impact Wrestling in the recent months. If this isn’t enough he has become the undisputed ROH world champion too.

He will face Eddie Edwards in a non-title match at the Rebellion pay-per-view. This match will take place on April 23. However there is no word whether it is the final date or will see some changes. Johnathan has become a part of indie dates during the recent months. His future regarding indie seems unsure as this new AEW/ROH contract may not allow him to do so.

The records of Johnathan doesn’t end here. He has captured the PROGRESS Wrestling Unified World Title. On 20th March at Chapter 130 he defeated Cara Noir successfully.  Since then he is retaining the dignity of his title by beating Malik and Warren Banks.

His fans are uncertain how the new contract of AEW/ROH impact his progress in future. If you are interested to get all the updates on Johnathan or other wrestling news don’t forget to check this space for more updates! Don’t forget to tell us in the comment sections about how you feel about this story.

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