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Dream11 Point System Demystified: Understanding Scoring Rules for World Cup 2023

Are you an avid cricket fan looking to dive into the exciting world of fantasy cricket? If so, understanding the point system is vital to master the game and make your fantasy cricket app experience a rewarding one. Dream11, one of the most popular fantasy cricket platforms, has its unique scoring rules that determine how players earn points based on their on-field performances. To succeed in the exhilarating world of fantasy cricket, comprehending the scoring rules for the upcoming World Cup and understanding the point system employed by Dream11 is paramount.

In the realm of fantasy cricket, every player’s on-field performance during the World Cup directly impacts the points earned by your fantasy team. Whether it’s a blistering century by a chosen batsman, a match-winning spell by a bowler, or a crucial catch taken by a fielder, every action holds the potential to boost your fantasy points tally. Being well-versed with the scoring rules for World Cup empowers you to make informed decisions while selecting players for your Dream11 fantasy cricket app team.

The point system in Dream11 holds the key to victory in the fantasy league. Each player’s contributions in the real match translate into points in the virtual arena. For instance, a batsman’s runs, a bowler’s wickets, a fielder’s catches, and even a captain’s strategic moves all play a pivotal role in accumulating points for your world cup fantasy team. Understanding the nuances of this point system demystifies the game and allows you to devise a winning strategy for the upcoming Cricket World Cup on the Dream11 fantasy cricket app. So gear up, analyze player statistics, and prepare for an exciting journey in the realm of fantasy cricket during the World Cup 2023.

Understanding Scoring Rules for World Cup 2023

One Day Cricket Fantasy Batting Points

  • Boundary bonus: +1
  • Run: +1
  • Six bonus: +2
  • Half-century bonus: +4
  • Century bonus: +8
  • Dismissal for a duck: -3

Note: A player will only receive points for a century if they score one. They will not receive any points for half-centuries. Additionally, centuries are not rewarded in T10 matches. Points will be awarded to the batter on strike for that ball if any runs are scored as a result of an overthrow. The batsman will not, however, be awarded additional Boundary Bonus points if the overthrow goes for a boundary.

One Day Cricket Fantasy Fielding Points

  • A catch: +8
  • 3 catch bonus: +4
  • Stumping: +12
  • Run out for a direct hit: +12
  • Run out for an indirect hit: +6

Note: The fielder, who is the only person to touch the ball after the batter faces the delivery, delivers a direct hit. Only the final two fielders to touch the ball will receive points in all other circumstances. A 3 Catch Bonus of 4 points will also be awarded to players who take more than 3 receptions. For instance, a player won’t receive 8 points if they take 6 catches.

One Day Cricket Fantasy Bowling Points

  • A wicket excluding run-out: +25
  • Bonus for LBW/bowled: +8
  • 4 wicket bonus: +4
  • 5 wicket bonus: +8
  • Maiden over: +4

One Day Cricket Fantasy Other Important Points

  • Captain: 2x
  • Vice-captain: 1.5x
  • In starting 11: +4
  • Playing substitute (Concussion, COVID-19, X-Factor, or Impact Player): +4

Batter Strike Rate Points

  • Above 140 runs per 100 balls: +6
  • Between 120.01-140 runs per 100 balls: +4
  • Between 100-120 runs per 100 balls: +2
  • Between 40-50 runs per 100 balls: -2
  • Between 30-39.99 runs per 100 balls: -4
  • Below 30 runs per 100 balls: -6

Note: Penalties for poor batting performance – Only individual strike rates of 50 runs per 100 balls or less are considered to constitute strike rates.

Economy Rate Points

  • Between 2.5 – 3.49 runs per over: +4
  • Between 3.5 – 4.5 runs per over: +2
  • Below 2.5 runs per over: +6
  • Above 9 runs per over: -6
  • Between 7 – 8 runs per over: -2
  • Between 8.01 – 9 runs per over: -4

Other Vital Rules To Remember About Substitutes

  • According to the fantasy point system, each x-factor replacement will receive 4 points just for being mentioned as well as points for any contributions they make.
  • A player will receive points for their contributions even if they are taken off the pitch in favour of an x-factor or impact player replacement and later return. However, if a player enters the field as a substitute and was not listed in the starting lineups, they will not be awarded any points for their contributions (with the exception of substitutes for impact players, COVID-19, and concussions).
  • A player will not receive any points if he is named to a team’s starting eleven but is later unable to compete in the game. However, the player who takes over for the original player receives all of the match’s points (including starting points).
  • During a Super Over or a Super Five, no points will be given for any actions.
  • In The Hundred, there will be no points given for strike rate, economy rate, or maidens.
  • Once a match is marked as finished and the victors are announced, the points granted cannot be changed again. Only while the match status is in progress or under review will the points given for a live game be subject to change.
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