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Jon Bones Jones Net Worth, Bio, Career & More

Jon Bones Jones is an American mixed martial artist. He is known as one of the most prominent fighters. Jon is known for his skills and hard work while he signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After signing up with the championship he gained even more prominence and every observer started believing he is the best.

Since the time he has put his foot on the octagon, he has made many records. He is the current and two-time heavyweight champion. In 2019 he was among the top-ranking sports persons. He soon became the number one fighter in the UFC pound for pound. If you want to know more about this champion read all the details below:

Brand Endorsements


Jon is the very first MMA fighter who has been signed up with Nike. He is representing their brand globally and he has his own shoe line as a business which makes good money. Another big sponsorship deal comes from Gatorade. If this isn’t enough he has endorsement deals with Reebok and MuscleTech. Some sponsorship deals were canceled due to his hit and run case.


Jon 3

Jonathan Bones Jones was born on 19th July 1987 in New York. His father was a pastor and has got three siblings. Jon is close to all of them and they always loved spending time with each other. It is surprising that all her brothers became footballers but he was the only one who became a martial artist. Jon’s father was against his decision and didn’t want him to become a professional fighter.

During his school time, he became a member of the wrestling team and went on to become a state champion. Since then there is no looking back as he is making one record after the other. You will be surprised to know that Jon got his nickname after becoming a state championship and representing his team.

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Personal Life, Relationships and Net worth

Jon has been in a long-term relationship with Jessie Moses and they have got three daughters together. There are rumors that he has a child with some other girlfriend before he started dating Jessie. The total net worth of Jon happens to be $ 3 million as he is a fighting champion. Most of the income comes from the endorsement deals and his championships.


Over the years Jon has successful earned a great position in his fighting career. Even in 2020, there has not been a single time when he has lost the game and the judges have to end up the fight. The one and only lost game in his career was when he was wrongly accused and disqualified against Matt Hamill. There are a lot of good moments that he has been getting in the game. However, some controversies and bad happenings have hampered his career too. He has had some serious controversies and failed drug tests made him a controversial figure in the fighting championship. During the peaks of his career, there were people who criticized his style of fighting but he didn’t pay attention to these things and came out as a clear winner.

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