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JoJo Part 6 Stone Ocean Release Date, Plot & Other Updates

Jojo Stone Ocean is a Manga that has gained a lot of love and appreciation from the fans and critics. It has successfully completed five parts and according to rumors, the makers are planning to surprise the audience with a new season. After hearing these good news fans are wondering when they can watch the sixth season or what is going to be the plot. We have gathered all the important information for the impatient fans so do read this full article.

What is the expected plot of JoJo Stone Ocean?

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The plot of Stone Ocean is taken from an anime and it contains a total of 158 volumes. There is a lot that can be covered in terms of story and this why a season sixth seems to be the right option. Many twists and turns took place at the ending of the fifth season which has left many wondering what will the new season bring. The daughter of Jutaro is in a problem as she is accused of the murder which she didn’t commit and she was sent to jail for this matter. She is sent to prison because of the deadly plans of villain Dio and his partner Pucci.

Jutaro on the other hand tries hard to get her daughter released from prison but all his attempts go in vain. He gets something very precious stolen from him and is deeply saddened by the happenings around him. Part six of the series is also officially adapted from the anime and it will cover the whole story of Araki art of volume. The series has been produced by David Production and they have been working really hard to bring one great episode after the other in every season.

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What are the latest updates on JoJo Stone Ocean?

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All the fans are really excited to know when season six will release and according to the new updates from David Productions they have already started working on it. They are developing a voice for the native Italians and the voice actors will be learning how to make it happen and make it feel even more real. The theme of the series revolves around the enmity between Joestar and Dio’s family while there are other forces of evil too but mainly Dio and his followers are the most deadly people around. The official trailer will be coming out by the end of this year and it will give a much better idea about the new happenings.

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What is the release date of JoJo Stone Ocean?

Jojo Stone Ocean will be released by the start of 2021 and before that, we can’t expect it to come out. The production and filming will start soon and due to the pandemic, many things have fallen out of place. The new season is definitely going to bring in a lot of fun and excitement for everyone. According to David Productions, they have taken many things into consideration and the feedback of fans is important to them. The JoJo Stone Ocean is like a bizarre adventure and it follows the story of each one of their member. They have to take on against the deadly villain and boast of supernatural powers to deal with this all.

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