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Joanna Lumley Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Activist Work, Bio &More

Joanna Lumley is a popular British actress and producer and she has got a huge net worth. Her popularity and fame have increased over the years. She is a senior actress and many youngsters look up to her for getting inspiration. Even though she has worked in various TV shows and films but her most famous work has been the hit BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. The show is considered one of the top in the history of the UK’s television program. You will not be surprised to know that due to her good portrayal Joanna was given two BAFTA Awards. She has got liberal views and human rights activist and has been advocating charities for many organizations. Joanna also takes care of animals and has been dealing with many animal welfare organizations.

Bio and Early Life

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Joanna was born on May 1st, 1946 in Srinagar India and she is 74 years old currently. When the British Raj was falling, her family was living with her in India. Her mother Thyra Beatrice Rose was from England. Joanna’s father Major James Rutherford Lumley was Indian-born but had both English and Scottish roots. Joanna decided to live in England and studied at Lucie Clayton Finishing School. When she was in her teens Joanna started modeling for photographer Brian Duffy and fashion designer Jean Muir. During the same years, her acting career began and she left her studies to pursue her career.

Career and Activist work

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Joanna got her first role in the new avengers and the very next year she got a role in sapphire and steel. The roles were challenging as they focused on horror elements. However, it was the BBC comedy series absolutely fabulous that got her the much-needed success. She also worked in Class Act that helped her earn a nominee at BAFTA.

Joana has been a part of many successful series including The Foxbusters, and Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, and James and the Giant Peach. In her personal life, she has been a part of many organizations and helping them with the amount of charities. She is also taking care of many campaigns like Tree Aid which helps various communities in Africa to deal with poverty. Earth Restoration Service and Born Free Foundation are two other organizations she is helping.

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Personal Life and relationships

Joanna’s personal life has been with a lot of ups and downs. She got married to Jeremy Lloyd but got divorced. After the breakup, she got married the second time to Michael Claydon. The couple has a son together but unfortunately, this marriage also didn’t turn out well. He got married a third time to Stephen Barlow and they both live in Scotland.

Net Worth

Joana is a popular model, actor, voice actor, television producer, author, spokesperson, and comedian. Her total net worth is $20 million and she has gained all this fortune and name due to her career success. She is a part of the Royal Geographical society and leads it with success. In 1994 he got an honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of Kent and earned her degree from there.

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