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Jin Akanishi Net Worth,Bio,Career,Age,Relationships & More

Jin Akanishi is a popular Japanese actor, singer, and former radio host. He has gained a lot of fame worldwide and known for his good acting skills. He has a melodious voice and the songs he has released have also become famous. Jin is best known as one of the lead singers of the popular J-Pop band Kat-Tun. The band has a lot of appeals and they have been delivering one hit after the other. Much before they debuted together Akanishi was already an established personality in the industry. He has been a singer in some bands including B.A.D., J2000, and Musical Academy Dancing. Most of his fans love the fact he has been appearing in comedies and musical shows mostly. If you want to know more about this talented actor here is all you need to know:

Bio and Early Life

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Jin was born on 4th July 1984 in Japan and he is currently 36 years old. He has lived a good childhood and his parents always supported him. His two other siblings are brothers who are younger than him. When he was at his graduate school a classmate sent his photos to a popular idol magazine Myojo. If this isn’t enough he was featured in the Cool Classmate issue. Jin told about his interest in the music and acting industry. Looking at his interest his mother sent in an application to Johnny’s Entertainment. Even before completing his studies, he wanted to concentrate on the career fully. However, when he was successfully a part of the band Kat-Tun he left for the USA to complete his studies.

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Jin was selected and introduced as a member of KAT-TUN. They became much popular even before releasing a proper recording. He became the break-out star of the group and got a lot of fame as an individual too. Many fans were surprised when he left for LA and spent few months completing his education. He also learned English from there but the J-Pop community was in a big shock with his decision. In 2007 his band continued with the promotions and started releasing singles and albums. Jin started his career in the film industry and became a star in the Japanese version of Speed Racer film Bandage.

During that time period, he decided to split from Kat-tun and wanted to create a new identity for himself. He recorded the theme song for Bandage and then released Olympus. People loved him when released his first single named Eternal. The song reached the top in the US market. Another single Test Drive also became famous. Sun Burn Down was released that peaked at number one on online dance charts. It gave him global appeal especially when the album Japonicana was released by Warner Bros.

Personal Relationship

Jin got married to the popular actress Meisa Kuroki on February 2, 2012. Their relationship is going strong since then and there is no news about their breakup either. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Theia later that year. The total net worth of this talented actor happens to be around $1-$5 million. He leads a luxurious lifestyle and has the luxuries in life.

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