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How to Download YouTube videos on iPhone or iPad

If you have been wondering how to download YouTube videos for iPhone, then this article is for you. There are actually a couple of ways to download the video content that you need for your iPhone. Downloading videos from YouTube on iPhone is actually one of the options. Screen capture iPhone is the other.

How to download YouTube videos for your iPhone? One option is to do a screen recording while your iPhone is in your pocket. It is as simple as that. This means that you can place your iPhone on your pocket, and the moment the video starts playing, you can simply touch the screen to stop it. This method may not be as effective as the other one, but it’s another option that you have.

The second option on how to download YouTube videos for your iPhone involves a bit more work. You will have to download the official YouTube application from the Apple iTunes. Once you have downloaded this, you will need to launch the application and then select “media” from its menu. You can then find all the options that are available on the YouTube channel, and the entire channel will appear like a channel on your iPhone.

To make the most of your 3D videos, the next step is to use the built in library option in the media section of the YouTube application. Once you tap on the “library” option, you will be able to find all the videos that have been uploaded using the official YouTube application. It’s just as easy as that, with three dot icon in the upper right corner of your iPhone and the download option, which you can easily access.

The third option on how to download YouTube videos for your iPhone involves a bit more complicated procedure. The process involves using the FTP program which is included in your Mac or PC. Simply launch the FTP program and connect to your computer through the Wi-Fi network. Next, launch the iPhone download manager which will guide you to the download process on your iPhone. Once you click “download”, you will be prompted to enter a name and a location where the iPhone will be saved. A location name is used so that your iPhone can be easily found later on.

Your iPhone has been updated, and all you need to do is download the appropriate software to transfer the videos into it. Once your iPhone connects to the computer, you can simply drag and drop the files from your computer onto your iPhone, and you can also use the tap and hold option on the touchscreen to select the file. With this process, you can easily transfer three dot icons onto your iPhone using an easy method which does not require technical skills. This is probably the easiest method on how to download YouTube videos onto your iPhone which you will find useful.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Your iPhone

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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