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Jeffree Star Net Worth, Age, Tattoo and Dating, Controversies

Jeffree Star is an internet sensation, YouTuber, makeup artist, model, and entrepreneur and songwriter. He is from America and has gained a lot of appreciation from people because of his talent. He often promotes music through YouTube and is also the owner of Jeffree Star cosmetics.

Quick facts

Jeffree Star was born on 15th November 1985. As a singer, he has already released two famous albums Beauty killer is one of them which was released in 2009. His has a whopping 15 million followers on Instagram and 13 million subscribers on YouTube as well. He has an American national born and brought up in America. He was raised by his mother as his father died when he was only 6. His star sign is Scorpio. He is often seen changing hair colors and has a unique fashion sense.

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My space

Jeffree has been using my space to promote his music and is also into blogging. He became one of the most followed people on my space in 2006. She is 73 kgs and has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches.

Age, Tattoo and dating

Jeffree star is 33 years old. He is a big fan of tattoos and has almost 5-6 of them. The recently drawn tattoo covered the length from his hands to arm. The tattoo represents a woman drawn which is a very unique style. Jeffree is gay and is dating a guy called Nathan. They met through a social networking site and have been dating since 2015. He also won a prize of 150,000 dollars while taking part in a contest arranged on social media. Let’s see how long their relationship lasts.

Net worth

Jeffree star has been earning a lot from his YouTube channel. It’s one of the most successful channels and according to Forbes, he has earned around $18 from YouTube online. He also has a successful cosmetic company in the US with steady sales. In 2019 his net worth was revealed to be around 50 million which is huge.

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There are loads of controversies surrounding Jeffree as people speculate that he has undergone a lot of cosmetic surgeries. He had a huge fight with a tattoo maker and owner of a famous company. He also gets into frequent fights with Kardashian members because of the beauty products. He was also accused of using drugs. Some of the cosmetic products were stolen by a girl and he took an action against her.

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