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How to Maintain Healthy Hair: Tips and Tricks

Every woman loves to have long and healthy hair and there is no doubt that hair is an asset. There are a lot of advices that you keep hearing about the care of hair. Some say you should oil them frequently while others believe having a good shampoo is a must. However, the best way to maintain healthy hair is by taking care of your diet.

The hair cells in the scalp will grow properly if you eat the right kinds of foods. The most important ingredients in your diet should include protein and iron. If you try and incorporate iron-rich foods it will keep your hair long and shiny. Today we will discuss how you can maintain healthy hair so here are some tips and tricks.

Comb wet hair with care

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It is normal to lose some strands of hair in a day when you are brushing the hair so you shouldn’t really worry about it. When you have washed your hair and they are wet you should comb them with extreme care. Wet hair is prone to falling and damage so be extra cautious when it comes to combing them.

Trim your hair


Getting your hair trimmed after a few months is a good way to keep your hair healthy. You should get rid of the split ends that can cause overall damage to your hair. Cutting a bit of hair from the base will be useful for the health of your hair.

Don’t wash hair every day

dont wash

You may not be aware that washing hair every day can be harmful to your hair. Applying some good conditioner after using the shampoo is also important or else your hair will become very dry. When the hair is dry they fall more and the roots also become weak. Make sure that you rinse the conditioner from your hair using cold water as it will give the perfect shine.

Check the ingredients of your shampoo


Make sure that when you are buying a shampoo you read the ingredients well. There are some chemicals that can be harmful to your hair. Many people thought that a shampoo with sulfates can clean the dirt from your hair but in reality, it takes away all the essential oils from the scalp. There may be some irritation on the scalp when you use shampoos with bad ingredients. Also if they get into the eyes they can be very irritated too.

Deep conditioning

deep condition

Even when you are using conditioner after every wash deep conditioning is a must as it will make your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. The growth of hair will also increase when hair is conditioned well. You have to take a large quantity of a conditioner and start applying it from the root to the top. Make sure you use a big comb and brush every strand of hair so the conditioners can reach within the scalp giving the best results.

Keep away the heat and use oils

hair oils

It has been observed that if you keep your hair away from the heat they will look and feel perfect. You shouldn’t blow dry your hairs much as the heat can be harmful and makes you lose a lot of hair too. Using almond and coconut oil on the hair can help them grow and remain healthy.

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