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Jeff Bridges Net Worth, Personal Life, Career & More

Jeff Bridges is an American actor, producer, and country musician who is popular all over the world due to his talent. He is one of the most famous and celebrated artists of all time and many fans are in love with his music. Jeff has done roles in many hit movies and television shows and nearly all of them have been appreciated. Some of the most prominent movies he has done are The Big LebowskiCrazy Heart, Iron Man, True Grit, and Tron: Legacy. Let’s discuss what we know about this talented artist.



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Jeff Bridges was born on 4th December 1949 in California. His parents are also very famous and their names are Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges. He has one older brother who is also an actor and he has a sister as well. The names of his siblings are Beau Bridges and Lucinda. He had another older brother who died due to some disease in his infancy. He is 70 years old currently and his height is six feet.

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Music Career

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Even though Jeff has spent most of his time acting he also makes music to entice his fans. He has also claimed in various interviews that music and acting are both his passions. Everyone loved him as he gave a fabulous performance in the film Crazy heart and made his own music for the film which became immensely popular. He also created another album named Sleeping tapes and that also became popular among people of all ages.

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Acting Career

Jeff and Beau are brothers and they both started their career as kid stars. He became prominent very soon and his acting was also appreciated. Some of the most famous films he has done are:

  • Crazy heart
  • True gift
  • Hell or high water
  • Iron man
  • Tron
  • The last picture show
  • Starman
  • The fisher king
  • King Kong


Jeff is involved in giving donations to a lot of organizations. He is giving his donations to No kid hungry and other hunger-related causes for a long time now. He is also working as an environmental activist and supporting platforms like Amazon and their conversation teams.

Net worth

The net worth of Jeff is around $100 million and he is leading a very lavish life style. He loves to travel and has got big cars in her garage. There are various properties and some are under his daughter’s name. He has bought one mansion in Malibu which is very beautiful and has got many bedrooms and bathrooms. There is a theater and swimming pool area for recreation.

Persona life

Jeff got married to Susan Gaston and they met on the sets of Rancho Deluxe. You will be surprised to know that she was the maid on the sets. The couple has three daughters and he is now blessed with one granddaughter. Surprisngly Jeff is very much involved with Buddhism and he mediates for long hours. He is very close to all his daughters and spends quality time with them whenever he gets a free schedule. He is a dedicated husband and has been living with his wife faithfully.

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