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Is your family out of town? Here’s how to stay connected

When your family leaves town, you may wonder if there are ways for you to communicate and show your love without making a phone call. If you want a few ideas to maintain that connection while your family goes out of town, then try these four ideas.

Create a Group Chat

You can always create a group chat so that all of your family members can talk with each other. While normal text messaging works for group chats, some people may face problems depending on their phones.

If everyone owns an iPhone, then you should download iMessage to make group chats easier for everyone. This way, you can all communicate through the app and stay in touch with each other. It works well for people that want to set up group chats without worrying about issues that could occur based on their phones.

Download Telegram

Telegram works as another excellent app to stay in touch with people. You can create groups with your family that goes out of town to make communication easier for everyone. When you set up a group, it works the same as other group chats, so you can easily talk with each other.

On top of sending messages to people, you can also record voice messages for everyone else to hear. This allows you to easily share messages with each other without having to type them out on your phone, which can save you some time and effort.

Find My Friends App

Some people worry about their family members when they go out of town. You never know when they may get in an accident or face an emergency, which could cause you to feel anxious. If you want to wash those worries away, then get the Find My Friends App.

Find My Friends allows you to track the locations of people that you care about. You both download the app and then they share their location with you, allowing you to see where they are. This way, you can make sure that your family remains safe.

Money Apps

While you can send messages and updates to your family, you can also show them some love by sending money. You can use an app, like Venmo, PayPal or Western Union, to transfer money to your family members in case of an emergency or if you’d like to surprise them with some extra money to have fun while they’re on vacation.

This also works well for emergencies. If any of your family members face a problem that requires money, then you can quickly send them some. This way, everyone can feel safe and happy. Make sure to look into your options to find an app that will let you do this.


You can still remain connected with your family in different ways whenever they go out of town for a while. Feel free to use any of these four ideas so that you can see how your family is doing while also looking out for each other.


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